Starlink RV Service Has Tradeoffs…


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  1. Mine shipped today and we’ll be overlanding around the country out of a rooftop tent for a few months starting in July. For those asking why pay for degraded service… is service vs no service. Att and Verizon are hard enough and I’m an animator so I’m dealing with large video files. Having to tear down camp everyday to find coffee shops is a whole ordeal. Now we can just find a place with service, set up and hang for a few days while working during the week.

  2. This is because they're allowing you to be mobile where starlink isn't

  3. Until they have full coverage everywhere, RV users are going to be unpredictability taking limited bandwidth from residential customers where there isn’t full coverage. So de-prioritizing their connection makes sense – if you drive through a limited coverage area, the residential customers in that area get priority.

    I’d suppose that once starlink is fully deployed, they won’t need to de-prioritize RV users. And I agree with Lew that charging extra fee is for extra support cost versus a home which is setup once and leave it alone forever.

  4. One of MUSK's cryptic nuances on his products. I saw the first advertisment for Starlink RV only yesterday here in Australia. Wish he would stop talking in riddles

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