Starlink Roaming. Sewer connections. Lone Rock beach camping where's the water? Pray for rain!


Because the sewer hose’s have shot the treasure all over us in the past and have leaked with the cheaper ones, we decide to give some of our pointers for sewer connections. “Leaky is Stinky” We talk about some products we use to keep or black water smelling clean and some wipes we use on our bodies in between showers.
We didn’t go up to Lone Rock beach camping no water check out “I go where I”m towed” vlog on the Lone Rock beach.

Big stuff coming our new trip up north with our Starlink dishy can we dry camp anywhere? Where excited to show you.

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  1. Another fine video 👍 As for the Rhino Flex hose again 👍 we have been using our hoses for over 4 years. I like to keep all our tank valves closed. Saving the gray tank water to flush out the hose after dumping the black tank. Gives a full hose flush that way. This why I like YouTube videos. Gives us new ways and ideas to see what works best for you. YES please like and subscribe to the channels. It's free and you are not going to receive junk from the channel. For our channel it lets me know how we are doing Thanks.

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