Starlink review after 1 week


This is a video reviewing my impressions of Starlink after having it up for a week.

  1. dunno how so many yt reviewers r git >100 Mbps

    I've run the daylights outa my DishyMcflatface for over a month

    here it's 60 down 10 up, long term average

    internet speed test systems are crazy vague, tho

    thinking about capabilities of gateways being a factor

    just today I've seen the she l site show me perhaps connected to 5 ? at once. Then again, what is that site really showing? perhaps it's showing what connections are possible? That's not it, v really, so I'm waiting for the experts to chime in instead of all the 'it's pretty and better than my carpy cell

    still, ' better than nutn'

  2. Bluetooth must be turned off when testing the Internet because it slows down too much

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