Starlink raises prices!!


Starlink announced price increases for both its hardware and internet service. This includes price increases for deposit holders waiting for service in their area.

  1. Way too costly for a internet connection. I can get a mobile hotspot for much less.

  2. Received my gen 2 last month ago after a year long wait. $110/month doesn’t bother me. I was paying $168/month for Viasat for 100G. Viasat was unusable for Teams meetings, latency issues, no hi res video and opening large files across the cloud making remote office impossible. I was pretending to have internet spending extra time riding a slow horse. I now have unlimited high speed internet. Totally worth it! God bless StarLink!

  3. Maybe some legal problems with that. I paid $99 over a year ago. They accepted my deposit so I assumed that's a contract which should have grandfathered me at that quoted price for equipment, I can understand the monthly payments because that's a norm. Can you imagine all of the interest that his company is making off the thousands of dollars in deposits that's sitting in his bank 🏦 making money 💰 while we're waiting? That was probably his plan to fund with free money 💰.

  4. That is all it takes to make me say, screw starlink and their high prices.

  5. The equipment increase caused me to cancel. I was suppose to have mine by end of FY21, but then they pushed me out to by end of FY22. Then come back nearly 4 months later and increase the cost of my order? Nope. Ya let me down Elon.

  6. Well make my choice easy now
    ..ill just wait and see how this all pans out…i knew this would happen if the price keep going up …it wont be affordable

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