Starlink PRICE INCREASE – Hardware and monthly prices increase around the world, except Ukraine!


It’s official – SpaceX is raising the prices for Starlink around the world. SpaceX claims the increase is solely due to inflation. Some say it’s to pay for all the free service being sent to Ukraine during the Russian conflict.

Not all countries have increased monthly fees though. I have updates for US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Greece. As I get more I will add the information here.

$499 to $599 ($549 if you’ve already pre-ordered)
$99 to $110
$649 to $759 ($699 if you’ve already pre-ordered)
$129 to $140
$709 to $924 ($844 if you’ve already pre-ordered)
No monthly increase
500 Euro to 650 Euro (600 Euro for existing Pre-order)
(will update monthly once confirmed)
€499 to €649 (likely €599 for existing pre-orders, but not confirmed)
€99 per month for service (no change)
£439 to £529 ( for existing pre-order)
£89 to £89 (will confirm this hasn’t changed)

$2500 hardware
$500 monthly

Ethernet adapter now $25 usd

  1. Considering in my area the local ISP wanted 5k just to run the lines then $80 a month for bonded DSL 80mbps, Dishy is still the best option and works great. The dishy is installed at my rural farm in the Florida panhandle, and allows me the freedom to do my corporate gig as a systems engineer.

  2. We're waiting for more than a year but Elon got Ukraine 🇺🇦 going in no time, at least he said that he would.

  3. I believe there will be a class action suit for all of that interest Starlink is making off of the $99 pre-order. That deposit should have been put into individual interest accounts.

  4. I guess he didn’t factor in that most of our money is going to food, fuel, and general increase cost of living. Who do I need see to pass along my increase costs ?

  5. I don’t mind the increase. I just don’t understand why I haven’t gotten my email yet. I put my reservation in in February 16, 2020. People I know north and south of me who live in heavier populated areas have gotten theirs. I just don’t get it and can’t ask lol.

  6. I am OK with as you say "a one off" price increase, but if this is going to be link Netflix where price increases are now normal fare, no thank you, this is not my main internet I only have it for when I am RV'ing so it was already a lot at $99 and I was kind of looking forward to when, as Elon stated himself "that the price would DECREASE over time to around $80" !

  7. Hey Mike I’m a little upset about the increase because I decided I was going to buy it the week before the increase but was waiting until closer to the end of the month and dam I missed the savings by a couple days. Anyway I’m sure I will order in the next few days but have a question for you. With roaming now available does this mean I can cross into the USA with Canadian service address and still get service as we go back and forth.

  8. Glad I got my delivery in February. $110 is still fine by me as Hughesnet has been my provider the last ten years at $80/month which got throttled to 3Mbps after a couple months.

  9. yeah, I am still going to stay on the waiting list for the dish to see finally when it comes but I am almost sure I will cancel mine as the price increase was allot for the hassle of things Ive been reading about connectivity/downtime's as compared to my now ISP been 99.9% stable (just slower speeds 25D 5U). The issues I've been reading is that Starlink tech support is slow to respond, the add on ethernet adapter is either DOA from bent pins/pin guides or soon disconnects from dishy and hard to reset the dish/router/adapter setup, also some users report slower speeds using the adapter vs the wifi. I might wait a year or two for Starlink to become prooven for me to switch again from my 4G internet (witch is a solid tech these days, just 4G availability in nowhere land and of course what the steep price for 6Mbit the ISP wants to charge).

  10. I'm waiting for a mobile unit for my travel trailer. Who knows what the price will be by the time that's available.

  11. How does Starlink mobile work if your home base is in a different country than your mobile location?

  12. Nc had deposit 99 dollars a year and a half ago and still waiting and Ukraine get them for free so we pay the difference

  13. My ISP had reduced rates last year while promising speed increases. I got a $30 a month refund because they oversold and my service was unusable. Now with Starlink availability their service has miraculously come back. It will be twice the cost for Starlink, but I won't go through another year without reliable service.

  14. Yesterday morning we got the email about the price increase and decided to go ahead and order when we got a chance. We paid our deposit over a year ago. Last night we got an email telling us we could go ahead and order our equipment. I can’t wait for it to come in. We have the most expensive plan that Hughesnet offers at $156.98 a month and can’t stream anything without buffering. This was an easy choice.

  15. Vladimir putin poking he's packet, becouse now he want to charge the free internet from the Ukrainian war to you!?

  16. I’m in SoCal USA 🇺🇸 & I’ve been waiting for my Starlink dish for over a year now.

    The price increase is upsetting; but after I receive Starlink, I’m planning on picking up YouTube TV & dropping Dish Network.

    This will result in a monthly price savings as I’ll also be dropping my current ISP, which is a very slow & unreliable 20Mbps, that completely looses service for days at a time when there’s any kind of weather.

    My current ISP is a very unreliable point-to-point radio dish setup done by a very small mom & pop shop with terrible customer service & they have no interest in improving their network. 🤬

    Starlink says that I should be able to get service in mid 2022; this date is pushed back from November 2021.

    Thanks again for your wonderful videos, keep up the good work 👍🏻

  17. Considering they will still be making a loss on the dish I can't really blame them for wanting to reduce that loss on each unit sold.

  18. No email here in Philippines so far, but no Starlink either so far for that matter. I was expecting they would raise the price, just hope its not an annual thing. At $99.00 it was higher already than the vast majority of Filipinos could afford, most especially those living in the provinces that barely have any kind of working internet. If it ever actually starts working here I'll pay the rate but if it keeps going up in price too fast I may decide its not worth it either.

  19. U bring up a very import subject and should be discussed and brought into the mainstream FACT RELATED topic. Starlink sends Ukraine internet access and THE CIVILIANS ARE NOT GOING TO GET ACCESS TO IT, why? u may ask Mike cos ZELENSKY is using it for military purposes only as he is the CRIMINAL funded by NATO in this case. The Ukraine army is made up of Natzi's and they are the ones killing Ukrainian civilians so Zelensky tells the world that Puttin did it. There is over 10 years of factual evidence to support his army are Natzi's and they r the ones committing war crimes in this case. Now Elon would probably not know this cos he is too busy to look outside the box for anything of this and none of his staff wont tell him either if they did know about it, so essentially everyone who uses starlink is aiding and abetting the NATZI's to kill Russians like Facebook is allowing people to tell others to kill Russians too cos they have a financial stake in this too and FB and big tech is evil and u should know that too. When is someone going to tell Elon he is aiding the perpetrators here???

  20. In Serbia I'm paying about 25$ per month for 250mbps down and 40 upload, but it's not starlink haven't seen anyone using starlink, probably because they're too expensive no one is that crazy to pay for it that much.

  21. Still cheaper than what I was paying for xplornet. Which reminds, me I have to cancel xplornet soon. Finally got my dish!

  22. Name an ISP that's not going up, along with any other utility due to inflation. I've done the math it's 28.00$ more than Bell Ultra Slow DSL in my area but for superior speed etc. So it's the price of 2 Starbucks coffee daily, meh, not too upsetting, checking my debug data everyday to see a TRUE roaming indication, thanks for the video Mike

  23. Ordered mine and shipped after 3 days and it was shipped just before the hardware price jump. Still on track to install and try it out.

  24. I'm still waiting since Feb last year. Back then the CA$129 was pushing it already; that's going to be even harder now. I'm on disability, so spend most of my time at home. The internet is my main way of communicating with the world. Currently I'm on a 8/2 Mbps with Xplornet, that effectively is more like 6/1. Luckily it's been OK for most of the time. Although Fall and Spring are the times of the year where frequent outages are very common. I hope that Starlink will consider lower prices for people on fixed income, or will offer 'slower' plans that are cheaper. If I can get a stable 10/2 Mbps link for half of the CA$140, I'm in! Then I can even keep my cellphone or satellite TV around.

  25. Fiber coming later…300/up/300down,,price @ moment 60$..then bye dishy,,i like starlink. i need to Deflate

  26. I live in rural Vermont. My only other options are really bad down-way-too-long-a-wire DSL (3-4 down, .5 up (really)) and Hughes & Viasat geosync, who my neighbors say deliver about 1/4 of what they say they will, with absolutely abysmal customer service. $110 Starlink sounds fine to me.

  27. I really thought Elon would be more competitive in rural areas but, at least in most areas in my rural state, he isn’t. The one exception…where there is no Internet at all.

  28. I completely agree with your sentiment. I don't mind the price increase if it helps SpaceX further their mission. Also honestly… the fact is the only other option I have for Internet connectivity is 6mbit down/512k up At&t DSL for $85 a month. $110 for the 150-200mbit down and 10-15mbit up im getting through Starlink is worth the extra cost. My biggest concern is this will become a trend with the pricing, but more worrisome is if they start enforcing download caps. The data caps (and latency of course) is what made viasat and Hugesnet unusable for me. These days downloading 1 game for PS5/Xbox Series X|S or streaming a couple of 4k movies can make you hit your data cap for the month in 1-2 days on these other services.

  29. I have been on the fence for 2 years now and this does not help. I have totally unlimited internet now but it is not that good.
    I am grandfathered in at $65 a month and I use 300 gigs each month! !

  30. I got a refund on my deposit last week, the projected roll out for my area of the USA was still (maybe) second half of 2022. They have had interest on my $99 for over a year now and really no signs that I might get this anytime before 2023 as the projected time table keeps slipping. They already have coverage in some parts of my state (for about a year), not sure what the hold up really is.

    I went with LTE/5g T Mobile and getting better than cable speeds for $50 per month, happy enough. The jump in upload to 50-60mbps is a big improvement for us. Our Spectrum needed a reboot several times a day, with not more than each week to reboot. Every time the wind blew or the rain fell, we would have an outage. Can't get in touch with anyone there, and if you do set up an appointment, and they see your internet back in operation, they will often cancel your appointment with a tech. because "it is no longer needed". Glad to have them gone!

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