STARLINK “PORTABILITY” 2 Month Update. RV Satellite Internet Advantages & Limitations


We’ve been using the STARLINK Portability feature (aka Roaming) for 2 months now while traveling out West in our RV. Today we’ll talk about our experience so far (including speed test results), review advantages and limitations, explain how we can make cell phone calls via the Starlink WiFi network and discuss if paying the extra money for the Portability feature is worth it.

This is the 6th in a series of videos that we’ve produced after leaving Texas in January 2022 to go, Off Grid, and, travel, the western United States for 8 months in our RV. This is where we will extensively test the, SpaceX, Starlink, system in each location to find out just how well it will work for RVers and other digital nomads. Don’t forget to hit the Subscribe Button & Notification Bell so you don’t miss any of our updates!

Intro: (0:00)
Roaming Explained: (0:45)
2 Month Review with Speed Test Results: (2:16)
Price Increase & Offsetting Cost: (2:40)
Staying Connected: (4:33)
Limitations Of Portability: (5:24)
WiFi Calling Explained: (8:02)
Possible Issues With Trees: (8:55)
Closing: (10:00)

We are good friends with fellow YouTubers, Grand Adventure, who got us interested in the, RV boondocking, lifestyle which we absolutely love! This has taken us around the country in our 5th Wheel RV where we’ve traveled to some really amazing places!

Our channel offers, RV tips, travel advice, and, RV upgrades, similar to, All About RV’s, Love Your RV and, Changing Lanes

Other YouTubers we love to watch are, We’re The Russos, Long Long Honeymoon, and, Traveling Robert . So come along and join in the fun as we travel, camp and explore the, amazing places on our planet !

  1. So, even with the portability option, will it not work in the "wait list" areas? (as per the map). Which means it still won't work within dozens of miles near all big and small towns?

  2. I can't believe Starlink has already been around almost 2 year's also glad u know about visible and money saving options like that I found a free tethering app that works no bullcrap but I believe it's only for Android only downside is there is a 21 Day Full Speed trial after that it's reduced to only about 1 Meg or a bit less depending on your cell service because if you only have like 3G here barely one bar for you you're only going to get like 800 KB but normally you'll get at least one megabyte because one megabyte usually needs like one bar in fact unless you were pretty isolated in a really rural area 3G usually gets you above one megabyte or very slightly below one megabyte believe but it's a one-time purchase and I believe it's only $3 $4 it seems very sketch but it's legit he uses some sort of portal that want to use it I don't know it's weird I'm not an internet guru I know a lot about internet but I'm not a big nerd about it it's called securetether again I believe it's only on Android but it might be on iPhone

  3. Our Starlink is waiting for us in Spokane WA. Can't wait to get there mid June.

  4. Nicely done Homie! With that hat, does your Su-Ron think it's a Harley?

  5. We are parked semi-perm in a remote location in our RV and Wi_fi calling is the ONLY way we can get even a text out. We've had Starlink for 4 months and just LOVE it.

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