Starlink Plug and Play and Cave Creek, Arizona


We are finding that StarLink can be moved and we are hopping that means just about everywhere. Plug and Play. You can always follow us for more information and our friends @ “I Go Where I’m Towed.” Grand babies came down for a visit and what fun they are. We went out to Cave Creek Arizona and ran right into the rodeo Parade. Lots of good people and ponies so we had to film in even through the bugs on the windshield. We went Burgers and Beers for dinner and the food was great.
Leave it to my son Justin to find a great Burger place.

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  1. I picked up my starlink at the Christian Center and have been in one location here on Coyote Ridge. Roaming was enabled about 2-3 weeks ago. I haven't moved except to pump out but Starlink was turned off during that time. When I leave here in April and move to Sierra Vista I hope it will work as yours did. Thanks for the video!

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