Starlink On My Studio Roof Made Working Here Possible! Thanks, Elon Musk!

Starlink made it possible to have a studio in the middle of a forest by a lake.
My 2 minute drive through the forest to show that, in the right place, Starlink will work where you would think it was impossible.

Just above my studio is a Starlink Dish that is my main communication link with the outside world.

Mainly I do Voice Overs and produce YouTube Videos, mostly on the SpaceX Starlink experience and testing over the past 21 months.

Enjoy and be sure to watch some of my other videos posted on the channel.

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Music: YouTube Library – “Forest Lullabye” – Asher Fulero
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Equipment List:

Sound Booth

I have it connected to an Alexa switch. A voice command turns it on and warns the family not to bang on the door.


Heil PKR40 Dynamic microphone
I picked this mike originally because famed podcaster Leo Laport uses it and I like it too.
AKG Pro Audio Pro Audio Perception 220 Condenser
More for Audiobook narration and voice over work.

Booth Computer
MeLE Fanless Mini PC Quieter 2Q 8GB 128GB Windows 10 Pro
A little bigger than my phone but zero noise. Use it for Audacity recordings.with a Presonus Audiobox One. It has wifi, bluetooth, can run dual 4K monitors, up to 2.7GHz speed.4 USB 3 inputs. And NO FAN.

Acoustic Partition – Reduce Noise-Sound Absorbing Desk Divider-Sound Dampening

Designed for homeschool kids, but works for minimizing noise during recording.

YouTube storage and backup. SSD so no noise.
WD 500GB My Passport Go SSD Cobalt Portable External Storage
VANSUNY 500GB External SSD Hard Drive

Photo Equipment

I use my phone cameras: Google Pixel 6 Pro and Nexus LG: Both shoot 4K
On Camera App (Free at APP Store)
You can do YouTube without buying an expensive camera. Fix your audio and lighting first.

Bluetooth Remote Shutter for iPhone & Android
Once you set up a shot with a camera phone (especially table top) the remote is hands free so you don’t move the camera by touching it.

ULANZI Key Light, Professional Studio LED Panel Dimmable Bi-Color LED Video Light

UBeesize 50″ Phone Tripod Stand for Camera and iPhone or Android
Very lightweight and good for phone cameras. Think it would be top heavy for anything larger.