STARLINK MAY BE IN BIG TROUBLE | Service may be unusable for everyone soon.


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  1. Contacting your representatives in Washington is a waste of time, every American 🇺🇸 already knows how the
    Game is played, trusted me if you don’t own a high powered lawyer lobbyist , then you the average American 🇺🇸. Have already lost 😞

  2. This is easy… Charlie Ergen is a OPENLY Liberal Democrat…. Elon Musk has recently given his support to Republican Party….. It's an attack on Elon Musk………. This is our CORRUPT GOVERNMENT…

  3. This will be groundbreaking, as more companies hope to compete in this area. Hope it works out, much needed service!

  4. Always something, isn't it? I'm sure Elon is already on it, will be the next announcement! 📡💪

  5. Yup. Sounds like we could loose our Canadian Youtubers over greed as well

  6. hey did you look up X representative not just trusting the contact info on the email? i know strange question but that Is actually anessy way for someone to scam people (not saying the email is or isn't a scam) just didn't want something bad to happen to you or anyone else.

  7. I don't have either service, But hope to have Starlink one day, I had DISH years ago, but thought Directv bought them out, but regardless they went downhill ans I only watch YouTube really anymore, praying the government stops them from being greedy

  8. Sound like Elon will be buying another company?? I have no doubt if he has to he will buy then out.

  9. I'm not surprised someone wants to monopolize & control it so they can make $. It's just irritating that the consumer always sufferers.

  10. I am not at all surprised by Dish Network pulling this sort of crap. My experiences with that company have really not my standards of my morals and ethics, especially to their dealers.

  11. Not really surprising that everyone wants a hand in the pot of money. Just terrible and hope karma gets them.

  12. Typical corporate greed. This is the same exact thing when they FINALLY broke up "good old 'ma bell'!" Hopefully they get on board.

  13. Why am I not surprised! Greedy corporations wanting to limit our access!

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