"Starlink Just TRANSFORMED The ART Of War" Elon Musk THREATENED By China!


“Starlink Just TRANSFORMED The ART Of War” Elon Musk THREATENED By China!

What do you do when one of the world’s most powerful countries threatens the world’s wealthiest man? You grab a popcorn and watch it unfold!

The world’s most industrious country just threatened Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, but not without the CEO of star link hitting back. What could have caused a friction in the rosy relationship China and Musk have?

Musk, who has one of the biggest, if not his biggest, manufacturing plants situated in China, has come to a fork hill. Does his Twitter purchase have anything to do with his decline in china? And why would an entire country threaten the CEO of Tesla? Well, get comfy as we bring you juicy details on all of that.

You know the phrase, the richer you get, the more enemies you have? Well, Elon Musk seems to have gathered a whole country’s worth. China seems to be creating a weapon capable enough to destroy one of Starling’s many satellites, and it’s just the beginning!

Starlink, a company that provides internet access to the majority of the earth’s population, is in danger of being blown up – at least some of it. The satellite, which has allowed people to connect to the fast internet by connecting low orbit satellites, seems to have gotten the attention of China’s officials.

But that’s not all; in a report obtained by the Chinese official, there’s also an issue that the American satellite might be connected to a number of military equipment and fight artillery, which in turn would make it a national threat to china! The situation worsened when 2 of Space X’s satellites almost collided with China’s international space station.

According to documentation sent to the United Nations agency, the Chinese station had to move from colliding with the satellite in July and again in October 2021. This act totally disregarded the lives of countless lives on the Chinese space station and posed a threat to the halt of some of its functions to the economy as a whole; because of that, the Chinese government has begun a series of soft and hard kill methods to make the star link satellites lose some if not all of its functions and Elon Musk does not like that.

Even though Elon musk and China have had a peachy relationship, his plans to launch more than 30,000 satellites into orbit in a second-generation constellation program will likely not help situations.

Evasive maneuvers programs have been put in place to help aid situations where space types of equipment may come in contact; that was after a recent study showed a lot of low orbiting satellites had very close encounters with each other, and with more lifting off into space this might pose a high risk for space stations as well as human lives down on earth.

Elon Musk has signed a contract with the U.S government aiding the installment of sensors that could monitor Chinese hypersonic missiles, which has led to friction between the two parties.

While Starlink has commercial customers, it has also been put to military use, allowing the US Army to send data over the network at a quicker rate than before.

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  2. You know, I do not see any reason for us all as human beings to be fighting, competing for some things that are so abundant to us as we know them and how they can be of use to us all. We ALL breathe, eat, feel, and would like to be loved.. Why stop the one who helps us all to go forward? All for the name that we did it first? That addiction to power will not take us anywhere. One who is gifted and who can make us all leap forward must be appreciated better than a Jewel. Jewels do not take us a long way, knowledge and opening of our mind's potential does…. Stop the wars.

  3. Starlink is like the sun, anyone can use it if they acquire the specks or capture one to study.

  4. US likes when it is behind distabilizing activities but hates it when others are. China will come up with elegant solution to spaceX including Hijack. Afterall there are no cables to be plugged when the system gets hijacked.

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