Starlink Is The Future Of Remote Work


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  1. Mark my words! They will regulate the s**t out of it if starlink doesn’t bend the knees to the censorship !!!

  2. I have had Starlink for the past year in Muskoka, and it's completely revolutionized my ability to work in a rural setting. Love it!

  3. Would like to see the impact of this on education. You could be in the middle of a jungle, in rural areas or in mountaintops and you're still able to take a stanford level online course. That would be amazing

  4. awesome starlink, elon should expand into asia pacific, malaysia, indonesia, phil, vietnam

  5. Now all of those on deployment can get the same quality of life for a utility everyone uses.

  6. T-Mobile better get after it, they have a home internet but it geo-locks you to one tower.

  7. I got my Starlink last month after a 13 month wait, I live on the far west side of Tucson and it seems that they are giving priority to rural areas first. It’s a game changer, I’m getting 10 times the speed. My only concern is that they’ve already raised the rates by 10%, I hope they don’t keep ramping up the price

  8. Lew, it's does work while on the move, there is another YouTuber doing 80mph on the highway with still over 100mbs

  9. Don't get me wrong, Starlink is amazing. But isn't the whole point of camping and going out to nature to get away from technology for a little bit? You can't naturally escape from being "plugged in" anywhere now.

  10. Who care about VanLife? I want to hear more about how Starlink will help those deep into BroncoLife.

  11. I bought my Starlink. I’m supposed to receive it in a few days. Looking forward to it.

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