Starlink internet for nomads has changed how we live out here, but the set up came with some problems. How to shorten the starlink cable? was a big question i had. SO TODAY WE INSTALL BASE AND SHORTEN THE CABLE.

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  1. The fact you are INSIDE a metal box, all waves sent out can bounce back within. Wood doesnt play a large role in any distrubance in that small of an amount of 1/2 inch thickness of wood.
    You be okay lol

  2. put the wire in trash can on ur door make hole in bottom to run wire thru ……check out nomadic fanatic flag pole mount

  3. Epic idea Chrome! WAY less cable to house. The guys at Rey Outfitted are amazing. They deserve a McGuyver Award. (Dunno if that’s a real thing. 😆)

    When you mentioned getting a signal over tall surrounding trees, I was actually wondering if you could mount one of those telescoping rods on the roof like those police buses use to warn cars coming over the crest of a hill to slow down. (It’s a flashing light on the roof of the bus that can be extended 20’ or 30’ into the air. In your case obviously, you’d mount your Starlink antenna to the device before extending it.) You’d need a retractable cable of course, like those garden hose reels that can wind in the garden hose with a kind of spring loaded system – like when you push the reel-in button on a vacuum.

    That cubby hole where the indoor panel is now stored was a great idea! Nice job! 😉👍

  4. I put our StarLink on the gound. If I run into a tree situation, that may change. Because of the long cable, I have had no problem putting the antenna into an open space. 🙂

  5. get rid of the starlink base and use a pvc pipe of same dimension so you just have to drop the pole of the dish inside

  6. We often use all the Starlink cable when we are in heavy wooded areas
    to get the best signal. However maybe you don’t park in trees because of your solar? Love your videos, thank you!

  7. Have them turn the rest of that cable in to a extension cable so you can still park in the shade on hot days most likely you'll never need it but you will have it

  8. 🤔🙃😂😂😂🙀🐈
    What's next guys?
    Ask🙄😉🤔🤩and the guys will solve it🙈🌞🧘‍♀️💖
    ☕🧁🍨 piece of cake 🎊🎉

  9. I knew Ray Outfitters would solve you problems with your Star Link.
    So, when we hit the road and get Star Link for ourselves I will show this video to my husband for our fix!!!
    Thank you to you and RayOutfitters!!!!!

  10. I assume that they made you an extension cable out or the leftover wire, I find that many times, where I park my van, I need to place the dish 30'-40' away to get Starlink to connect.
    In fact you could just buy a outdoor rated, shielded, cat 6/7 from Amazon that would plug into your setup for times when needed. :).

  11. There's a magnet kit
    I believe you get four magnets
    On Amazon
    I seen a vanlifer using them on their car to make a shower. They come in black and silver.
    If I can find the footage again I'll get you the model number.
    "Laughter as quickly as you get things done it'll probably be too late" smiles.

  12. Watch out Chrome, I find that the router get hot very fast. Could be trouble in a small closed place like that on a toasty day.

  13. WiFi performance isn't impacted unless the signal has the pass through multiple walls or walls with materials like concrete or steel

  14. People have had success disabling the motors on those dishes then custom mounting it flat to the roof. FB groups and Youtube vids have info on it. Mexico Baja race trucks are mounting them flat to the roof of their trucks allowing them to livestream the WHOLE race

  15. Hey chrome that was an awesome video that was amazing what ray outfitted was able to do with your star link Those guys are amazing thanks for taking us along I always look forward to you and Emi Cruz and Kelli you guys always make my day be safe and have fun 🇺🇸♥️✌️👍🙂🐾🐾🚐🇨🇦

  16. Smear some Dielectric Grease on those wire contacts…helps to fight corrosion. Ideally you want to use the connectors with the metal around them to maintain the shielding connection

  17. Why don't you make a second long cord incase you want to have Starlink far away from the van for certain situations?

  18. Take the Starlink Drawer cover from the back drawer and put it on your drivers seat / dash… never forget then… Nice install

  19. Wicked upgrade!! Be neat if you could house the dish inside of a big clear hard plastic bubble with enough room for the dish to move itself around and just leave the whole thing up there plugged in while driving!