We received our Starlink Satellite Internet RV account equipment. I will show you what I know about it so far. I will show the Starlink app being used real time to find coverage and obstructions. I will also show the speeds we are getting near Dallas Texas on the RV account. We was in a wait list area here for regular service at fast speeds but for a additional fee you could get it with limited speeds for now in this area for a little extra. If you are using it in areas with better coverage the speeds will increase. Now that Starlink is being offered in the Philippines I plan to take my unit there with me in the suitcase and try it there. Maybe even along the way if possible. I will let you know how it goes. All feedback is wanted and any questions I will try to answer. Lets learn about this together.

We are a Fil Am couple sharing our lives between living in Texas USA and Panay Island Philippines. We share dealing with two different cultures, building our solid concrete cast in place home beach side and exploring/ seeking new things. We hope you enjoy and join to be a apart of a bigger family here on this channel.

Thank you for being apart of our channel and lives.
James and Melinda

[email protected]

  1. Congratulation on getting a Starlink come got are -5 months ago and I truly enjoy in the USA here we also, buy one for the Philippines and hoping to use it soon as we are here in Iloilo Philippines sorry we missed you both, we had to take care of some business while we were here and was planning to come and visit you. See you next time stay safe and God bless

  2. my research here in samar is not sat coverage till october.and you know who is controling orders online for del here in pi..also in northern luzon the tele com company converge is trying to get in on it…but who knows for sure only starlink will tell you…i tried to order but waiting list not avail yet for my area…friends in aus and nz have it already…good luck..hope you get it in….

  3. Be careful NO ONE plugs it into the wall outlet when you are in the Philippines. You will need a 220 to 110 V transformer. Do not let the smoke out.

  4. James, Where can you buy Starlink, costs, monthly payment? How long is the wait for the US Customers to receive Starlink after the order? Thank you in advance

  5. Good morning. Do you have any idea when they will be selling the equipment in the Philippines?

  6. Hello I am interested in Starlink. I will be interested to learn how effective it is in Php !

  7. i wanna see how it does over in pi bennn real curious it could be a real game changer for everybody over there

  8. Starlink hopefully for the win we’ve had that type technology in the field for sometime so it should be firing well if Elon entered the room😎

  9. I got the impression that you are saying that Starlink is available in the PI now for RV, Maybe i miss understood, but no the less it doesn't so that anything will be available until Q4, It was approved to PH gov to make land based sites.
    I do have to say that Man !! Sky, converged and PLDT has made tremendous improvements on there ISP service. I mean not only in the city but in the rural towns and along the highways. First time i was her it took me 3 day to book a early return ticket back to the states. Now, Wow i have better service then in the states, ( ICMP — is quite high but from PH to Las Vegas datacneter it acceptable range) I can run about 16 to 20 RDP(Remote Desktop Session) session open at a time with out any issue on Sky fiber ( 75mps for less then the cost of the states… But i still want to be more rural here so i am still getting Starlink anyways for PI

    Your home connection is about the same as what i have in the states, DLS 10 down .75 up

    For anyone that requires Internet Service to work World Wide, I can tell you straight up that it is possible to do with fantastic service now in the smaller town in the PI that has Fiber in that location. It is very very good and will now change the amount of time i am in the PI and in the States.

    Starlink if going to be for US that like to have a more country boy life style that live away from people or off the grid / ranch style. Loving the prospects Starlink is going to bring us

  10. would love cost info as i am in the Philippines and plan on getting this.

  11. Hey I am currently in Bulacan where do you guys reside
    I like your videos man
    Living in Florida is great but retiring here

  12. Hi James don’t you have PLDT in Tigbauan with speeds of 50mbps and uploads of the same 2100 peso a month

  13. Very impressive, I'm planning on getting one myself because I'm moving to the Philippines soon. Can you give us some idea of what the initial cost is and the monthly fees. Thank you sir

  14. Great info as always! Does it work with 220v or just 110? Thanks for the video!

  15. I was on the wait list but my date kept getting pushed back. I can't wait to see what this does when you get back to the Philippines. As always love the videos.

  16. Hi James and Melinda, that's a nice little dish. It's good that you'll be able to take it with you and use it in the Philippines. Take care, God Bless you and your family!

  17. This gold. I’ll be back in Mindanao in Oct. Got a bit on right now, so will check out how to order online for PI before travelling. THANKS James – you r doing the leg work for me. 👍

  18. Just a comment – the lowercase "b" means bits whereas the uppercase "B" means Bytes (8 bits make a byte) in the network speed…

  19. Starlink will be available in the Philippines some time during the 4th quarter of 2022. The price suppose to be around a $100 a month.

  20. It shows that I'm right on the edge of one of the waiting list areas. It's nice to know that it's about the same price that I'm paying monthly.
    You and Elon are Space Cowboys🚀 🤠

  21. Guess I am lucky I am stationary and have no need for mobile or super high speeds. These speeds are just about what I get from At&T for $40 a month over the old copper telephone wire. Selling everything down to land has been a move I have been wondering about for a while now, it really didn't make sense to me because you seem more content and happy in the Philippines. Farming/Ranching is not a fly-in for a couple months a year type of sustainable business. Keeping the land is the smart move though, everything else is just stuff.

  22. Hand carry it James, I worked in airlines for 16 years, and will heartily advise ye to NOT put that in checked baggage, no,on,no ! Don't fight me I know whereof I speak ! Thanks for this video, I've been looking for info on these.

  23. Pretty neat. I have heard it is expensive to get the set up, but I am sure much better than many areas in the Philippines. Thanks for the info on the channel James

  24. Cool video, James. It's my understanding Starlink will be in the Philippines in next six to nine months.
    Welcome back to Texas.

  25. This is a first for me. Is this good internet in the US. Can you tell me about the cost?

  26. Doesn't the monthly price go up 25 dollars a month to switch countries? Atleast that's what I understand they told us ? From 110 to 135 a month ? And what about the 220 capabilities ? I forgot to ask about that ?

  27. At last we will experience fast internet via starlink in the Philippines once it started it's full operation…

  28. A friend of mine has one him and his wife use it cause they do full time rv living

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