STARLINK installation step by step. Easy!


STARLINK installation step by step. Easy!
Join us in our fun as we install Starlink on our RV. We show you step by step as we install the Starlink on the roof. We start the video from the moment we receive the Starlink and take you through the installation with a bit of silliness. We end the video with a brief follow-up of tips and what what we learned after having Starlink for about a week.
RV travel is always an adventure.
As an RV couple, RV living full time we recommend you stick around till the end of the video for the occasional Couple’s Corner where we share couples counseling communication tips and talk about RV relationships.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Houston we have a problem
3:26 Starting the connection (the APP)
4:24 Scan the sky
5:46 Unpacking the box
7:06 Setting the dish (Michelle’s circus)
8:55 Making contact
12:40 Speed test
14:54 Major Tom to ground control (Check portability)
19:44 Jack’s space walk, Cheers!
Theme song Dave Elsdon

TO ALL VIEWERS: We want to take a moment and advise you that these videos are psycho-educational, meaning that it was designed to serve as teaching and guidance for you and is not couple’s therapy. Any contact with Shane and Michelle is informational only and not to conduct therapy. If you wish to pursue counseling, we suggest that you give the Art of Loving Center a call at 425-358-8558 and we will help you get a counseling session booked. ANY comments, material, content, or posts that are racist, fraudulent, unlawful, defamatory, pornographic, profane, liabalist, sexist, abusive, offensive, threatening, hateful, include full or partial nudity, are obscene or otherwise objectionable will be immediately deleted. RVLoveshack has a “Zero Tolerance” policy for such comments, material, content, or posts. Users posting such content will/may immediately be banned without notice.

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