Starlink has arrived! Install on the SpaceX Starlink Pole Mount! GAME CHANGER!



If interested in Starlink, sign up for updates or potential beta testing at

The map I show during the speed test is

At this point (December 2020), I believe it is only available in Northern USA and Southern Canada for potential Beta Testing.

After living with 6 Mb/s download and 0.5 Mb/s upload speeds with DSL for the past 8 years, I was so very ready to pull the trigger when the Starlink Beta became available. As soon as I received the email, it was ordered. Ground shipping was fast (5 actual days) from California, and I had it up and running the day it arrived. So far I have been extremely happy!

Average speed test range from 80-180 Mb/s download and 15-35 Mb/s upload. Latency is consistently around 30-40 ms.

This video only took about 15 minutes to upload (1.5 GB). On DSL that would have been an overnight or a visit to the public library.

0:00 Box Opening
06:07 Install on Pole Mount
10:29 Speed Tests
14:17 Install final pieces

  1. COX cable cannot handle the extra data that mounts up year after year on the internet river like HULU TV keeps going out time after time so the only option is TO increase the frequency go to a higher spectrum that the FCC has on the chart

  2. enjoyed you video ,i am signed up for it ,live in mountains of nc. was wondering what type of connector on the cable coming from sat dish, is it b&c or cat 5 plug have a 2 story house with a 12 12 roof so that is going to be a chore get out my harnes, anyway could i talk to you on phone,, thanks again john henry usn, vietnam vet,

  3. My dish is arriving today. One thing I've learned from watching YouTube videos on this system is that the dish apparently remains heated at all times, which is good from a snow and ice prevention standpoint. However, I'm guessing that comes at a considerable cost in electrical consumption (would be interesting to to know the amp draw). I'll be putting my unit on a timed circuit to ensure it's offline when not needed.

  4. Getting ready to move to the Northwoods, this gives me hope. When I signed up with the address and email it said they'd let me know when it's available in the area. Looks like it already is!

  5. Is there a data download limit? Comcast has a 1.2 t and it's usually enough but sometimes I go over and get hit with 10 bucks per 10gb. This looks pretty fast.

  6. Guy. When you shoot an unboxing video, think of your audience and describe every element and component. Do your research B4 the shoot and lay it out for us Dumb Ass watchers! Step=By=Step, Nut's, Bolts 'N' all. Keep it simple and your Youtube channel will double in no time. Link the items you are unboxing to the supplier and earn some referal revenue and please make sure you script your presentation. don't go roaming and ad-libbing, watchers will switch over to another channel. That said, thanks for the post. I got a rough idea of the groove!

  7. Why does everyone feel the need to mount ther satellite dish on the roof. In snow country it needs to be accessible for any snow build up or ice. I have installed many types of sat dishes and roof is the last resort only to avoid obstacles.

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