Starlink Goes Portable! All Details!


Starlink sent out an email this morning announcing that they have added a new ‘Portability’ feature. What does this mean exactly? What are the rules? how much does it cost? Let’s discuss!

Starlink availability map:
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  1. This is exciting! Still waiting on a good portable option for sailing. Hopefully it'll be there soon.

  2. Jeff Gearling has a video in which he takes it outside of his home area and shows that the app says that it is roaming. I don't know for how long that is going to work for free.

    I just want everybody to remember that if you abuse it, we will all pay the cost of it so please don't do anything dumb

  3. Great video! I think the in motion version of starlink will be a flat panel and it will just use its phased aray antenna to connect with satellites. When my Starlink is setting and the panel is level; I still get about 70 to 100Mbs download and 10 Mbs upload.

  4. Jason from the youtube channel bite my bytes tested the dish out in the back of a pickup truck while driving and had no issues.

  5. I think you're confusing matters. I don't think Starlink is so much "made to service people in more rural settings", as that it's not yet able to service all people in more densely populated areas. Think shared bandwidth. Furthermore, it would be a really bad call for Starlink to prioritize people temporarily moving into hot vacation spots, over their regular customers in that area.
    I mean, that wouldn't be fair, would it?
    The type of abuse you mention, with address swapping, is of course a concern. But I think the other thing, with portability on the move, is not really about liability, you can easily solve that with a simple damask. The servos, for physically moving the dish, aren't made to work all the time though. You need some sort of gimbal system, and sturdier servo motors, to take out the big movements, before the dish's own electronic system takes over, to track the satellites.
    All that said, I do hope it gets available for boats, and at least for slowly moving boats at different harbors/ anchor points. Because that is exactly what I want to use it for.

  6. Sucks that I mounted my dish on the roof and ran the cable through the walls. Not that easy to go portable.. Be cool if they sold another dish with portable.

  7. Not happy with the extra $25 charge since they also just went up in price. I only use it as a backup and for remote events.

  8. Musk limiting roaming to "the same continent" while planning life on Mars? Why so parochial? 😊

  9. I am shocked to know that in the USA you have so much connectivity issues. No internet in the rural areas? Wow, you need to learn something from French people and the EU!

  10. i ordered to run testing on it to an address that was available right now. i activated it at my house 2 hours away and it was 200 megabit right out of the box. i will probably pay for portability on june 1 just to have it this summer, but i'll shut the service off entirely this coming fall. $135/mo is pretty steep for a testing service to use in the hills etc.

  11. I live in Georgia but have a big RV that I travel around with for my job. I got my Starlink a few months ago and was using it there and it was great! I had to go to a new job a couple of weeks ago and I was able to find an RV park with really good wifi and the location wasn't in Starlink's area. So I suspended my account then I received the email about portability.

    So, I decided to give it a try and it picked up immediately, but the speed was less than I was getting before. So I decided to not activate it since the connection at the park I was at.

    I can confirm that you can turn it off and on immediately. Really nice feature.

  12. Starlink's waitlist map doesn't make any sense. There are large ares near me that are sparsely populated or not populated at all and they are marked as waitlist. Meanwhile the densely populated areas are available.

  13. Portability feature ✅ = $25 just shows Tesla/Starlink is all about the benjamins baby!

  14. I would love to know what the parameters are for "Waitlist". How many is too many for a given cell. Or how can a cell be open when COMPLETELY surrounded by waitlist cells.

  15. It's pretty expensive in India so Starlink licence was not given due Ambani's

  16. Not sure the rhyme or reason for the availability in WI and MI. There are a ton of very rural areas on the wait list.

  17. To satiate my curiosity, I checked the availability map. I'm 2 city streets too far North to get Starlink right now.

  18. An additional $25 per month for “best effort” portability 😆 better off spending money on LTE.

  19. starlink 2 months – camped 4 locations – just turn ON – works great –

  20. We are based in Australia and would love to go portable…But our starlink kit arrived at the beginning of this month and did not have the stand. Starlink does not respond to any messages and just ignores us. Obviously the Australian market is not worth bothering with. Love your channel

  21. If your area is a waiting list area he will not let you change the address to that area at this time.

  22. Our internet is 15 down / 3 up. Been waiting for starlink for over a year. Wish they would focus on coverage before additional features.

  23. There is one portability system they have said they are working hard on and that would probably the priority with ground service being one of the beneficiaries of the research. That is making a system available for commercial aircraft where cost is less of an issue then for you or me. It would give airlines high speed service over the oceans where only phone or text type services exists now.

  24. I live along one of those “populated” areas along “the 5” with no access to standard internet and cell reception that will drop calls if not standing in a specific spot. It’s very frustrating to see houses closer to town with obvious access to other means of internet service selling with starlink included in the listings. Meanwhile I’m left wondering if I’ll be able to get a call out if there’s an emergency where I’m at….

    I finally said screw it after waiting 9 months and put a different address in about a month ago. I received mine about a week later. And I finally can make calls and even text people for the first time without having to drive 5-6 minutes to get signal. In an emergency that time difference could be life or death. I’m just hoping they don’t shut it down on me.

    I also wish starlink would stop doing the first come first served system and actually do it based on need. So many people who have no real need are buying this because it new, cool, convenient, or just because it’s something from Elon Musk/SpaceX. Stop buying it for those reasons and give those of us who really do need it an actual chance at getting one without having to wait years because the service area is “full”.

  25. A schedule setup for portability would be nice. Additionally, if you could get an email saying your portability service will end in a week. Also, an email reminder check box that sends and email telling your portability is enabled.

  26. It does say in the FAQ that changing your home service address is subject to availability, so that should stop people from 'gaming' the system.

  27. In Motion… its probably because the electric motors cant adjust constantly…and you would fry them, assuming wind wont blow it off the roof first.

  28. what's the situation here in europe? is it only on the same continent (europe in my case), or is it worldwide? there are people who live on boats and go from place to place. is starlink any good for them?

    and another question that has nothing to do with portability: considering that spacex keeps putting more and more satellites up there, has your connection speed increased over time?

  29. Portability is a nice feature, I will definitely need it. I travel a lot for work to remote locations. Only thing is… Starlink service is expected to be available here in 2023. Been waiting a looooong time.

  30. I ordered Starlink recently specifically for RV camping. I live in south-central Idaho and was able to get my dish in less than two weeks. I am excited to see this portability option! We shall see how it works in the mountains this summer. For several years I set up a Hughesnet system that was bulky, slow, and expensive, so this will be a significant improvement over Hughesnet if it indeed works like Starlink says it will! 🙂

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