StarLink gains Portability Add on!


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  1. How good is starlink in strong to severe storms? I could see this being extremely useful for storm chasers once they allow using starlink in motion

  2. would be cool that if you're a SL client you could hop on a plane with starlink and have SL-wifi with your account free and unlimited

  3. Inmarsat does this already, however it is a lot slower, about 16Mb/s down/4Mb/s up, and a lot more expensive, around $30,000/month, and you need a 1 meter dish. That's what airlines and ships use at the moment.

    So Starlink's innovation isn't the use-anywhere service, it is making it a lot faster, and at prices that normal people can afford.

  4. Given the use cases they advertise for this I am honestly shocked that this wasn’t already included. And given how profitable Tesla is and will only improve I don’t for a second but the excuse that they “need” to charge for this, much less $25 per month.

  5. Starlink is trash and is a problem not just astronomer's but also for space travel. Also Elon is a scum bag scammer who is making things worse on this planet while he gets richer

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