Starlink for RV – The Best RV Internet?


We’re finally checking out the all-new Starlink for RV. Is Starlink a reliable source of internet? How fast is Starlink, what is the upload speed, and what is the download speed? Will this be able to replace other internet sources when RVing & camping? Let’s find out.

Hope this video is helpful for you.
Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll answer them in the comments.

– Beav

  1. Good video Beav. I got my Starlink this past weekend and I think you were right – patience was needed for the initial connection. It took me the same time at home for my first setup.

  2. when you use the wineguard 360+ to connect to park wifi does it pick up better than just having a phone or ipad connected directly to that wifi.

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