Starlink For Nomads – The Real Deal – Step25


Here is my take on Starlink, from someone that has been using it for the last 6+ months.

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Canon VIXIA HFR300
Nikon D5600
Osmo Action Cam
Edited with PowerDirector

  1. Your info is quite good , however, your loss of focus at times makes it confusing to follow.

  2. This video could have been 6 minutes long, I never got through it. Just an FYI

  3. Great points! That other YouTuber is also a Nomad Internet affiliate, so of course they wanted to sell Nomad through their affiliate link, and put down Starlink to do it. I just got my Starlink a week ago, and my experience is exactly as you describe. I’m loving it!

  4. Thank you for this video.
    I saw the video you are referencing too and I agree completely with you.

  5. You have left out those of us that are lucky enough to have the now legacy grandfathered AT&T Mobley CCU plan for circa $23 per month, I average 10-20GB per day with 40+ mbps here thanks to a new tower less than a mile away (slower in some places). On a side point we have Starlink on the family ranch here in Louisiana overall we are happy with it there, but even in the home area we are getting around 45mbps most of the time lately.

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