Starlink Facebook issue – Fixed


How to fix loading time issues with facebook using starlink. INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!

Best fix – Router (3rd party router only)
Block UDP ports 80 + 443 (make sure UDP Block not TCP)

Firefox Browser –
1) Type in address bar “about:config”
2) Search for “http3”
3) Find and select “Network.http.http3 enable”
4) Change the value to “False”
5) Close & Restart browser.

Chrome / Brave Browser –
1) Type in address bar “chrome://flags”
2) Scroll to find “experimental QUIC Protocol”
3) Set to disable
4) Close & Restart Browser.

This is a short term fix till Starlink fix this issue hope this helps everyone in mean time.

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  1. So any idea what is wrong with UDP? Is Starlink randomly dropping packets or something?

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