Starlink Experience – Dishy's first snow "storm"


So we finally got a decent taste of a snow storm. Nothing intense by Atlantic Canada standards, but enough to be a first test of the Starlink system in this kind of weather. It handled it like a champ, better than I expected. Just a couple of speed tests showing the effects.

  1. Yeah my friend you HAVE to move your dish! The frequent rate to which you lose signal due to obstruction is waaaay too high! Since I put mine on the roof I no longer lose it due to obstruction ever! The only time it goes down is a no satellite signal. My uptime per 24hrs is consistently 95% or better. Truthfully it’s usually 100% on average. I checked it while writing this comment and it read no satellite for 7 minutes and Beta Downtime is 59 seconds for 99% uptime in the last 24hrs. I was online gaming in the middle of the blizzard with no interruption in service at all. I checked it several times during the storm with no issues. There’s no way your service should be that much worse than mine given our distance from each other. Across town another user is a friend of mine has the same results as me. You definitely have tons of trees in your way. FYI another user had their dish freeze to the deck with icicles and something happened to it and had to send it back to Starlink to see what happened. It was set up like yours. Get it higher somehow a least a couple feet more.

  2. Thanks, I like your pings consistently in the 40's…Mines always 50 60's… I rewatched your video and your Dishy looks so sad and pathetic buried in that clump of snow LOL….

  3. Wow thanks for sharing!

    Its fun and exciting to see first snow!

    Hope to see more of your videos!

    Lets support! Thanks!


  4. Nice update! Good to see that the dish still works in so much snow. I definitely like your pole idea though, that's probably the way to go if the snow got any higher. Also I'm hearing that the icicles forming under the dish can be bad if they connect to the ground and lock the dish in place. Hopefully the company can come up with some permanent solutions for that, but clearing the ice and snow by hand doesn't seem too bad for now

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