Starlink Ethernet as backup.. Worth it or nah?


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  1. Turn the router functions off on the Synology — just make it an AP and let the Starling router do the routing/DHCP hosting. Just put both AP's on different cahnnels for 2.4/5ghz radios. Put them as far apart as possible and keep them as apart as reasonable. Call it a day. The range your getting isn't really function of the routers radios but the power of the mobile device. The AP is capable of pumping out FAR more signal straight that the mobile device can hear. But it doesn't have the power to transmit back at the same strength.

  2. iPerf3 would be a much better tool for testing a connection speed. It takes your internet connection out of the equation.

  3. I wonder if the High Voltage lines cause interference to your tests. I guess the impact on the connection to your phone would be the same so maybe a moot point for your testing. Great vid!

  4. Riding the other end of the technology wave I had the opposite experience: the wifi range of my TMHI gateway is much better than my installed network of older access points, even when penetrating multiple walls. I note that it claims to be sending 3000mW where the spec didn't allow more than 80mW for off the shelf 802.11g, iirc. Also enjoying the giant chandelier hanging from the clouds behind the power lines.

  5. The Synology router most likely has more RAM, so should handle more concurrent connections. I didn't confirm that though; most ISP provided routers have very little RAM than consumer ones.

  6. A pelican case of networking gear to go camping seems to defeat the purpose of camping

  7. Great video, def appreciate the testing effort. 40-50 friends haha, I don't know 40-50 people period. Be safe doing stupid things!

  8. LOL you uploaded this as a storm came through Kansas and dropped a tree on my att fiber line.

  9. I enjoy your videos, and it's awesome how you and I have a lot of identical items, and we both live in KS. I like how you don't mind putting in your learning adventures instead of just having a polished end product, you also show your forehead slap moments "when you realize you could have had a V8". Today your results were very iffy, speedtest is not reliable at all, and even if you would have checked your WiFi channels and made sure they were on equally empty channels, it would still be difficult to get valid results. The last test, you were just testing range of Wifi of Starlink vs Synology, so instead of adding the internet variable, you could have done something like a local IPerf test, that you could have continuously ran while you walked further away. Once again, thanks for your entertaining videos.

  10. You are not double natted unless your second router is getting an IP from the starlink router. 😎

  11. Im thinking of moving to Pheonix, AZ. My friend literally had his internet go down 4 times yesterday, JUST because of the heat. I wonder how this would fare? Im guessing just as bad, but I still wonder.

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