Starlink Delays – Mid to Late 2022 for Delivery??


Bad news for those looking to get onto Starlink Internet service – they have officially delayed the anticipated delivery date for thousands of customers. Chip shortages and supply chain issues have hit them like most of the electronics industry – let’s go through their announcement and discuss!


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  1. I am in rural BC Canada and on wait list since March 2021 and will stay on it. Hopefully the service comes out earlier than they anticipate.

  2. Not even in a rural area I'm 5 mins from a state capital and Internet of 7mbps. USA is so far behind many countries its insane.

  3. starstink; graciously accepting your money for services and products it cannot deliver……. yep, I'm also wishing that some other provider (5G/t-mobile?) would get their act together as well…….

  4. my current rural provider "suddenstink" (3m dl, 340k ul) is being usurped by my "wishful" provider "starstink" (lots of promise, NO delivery). making me feel like a teenage date, all sizzle promise, not even a kiss after the steak n lobster dinner…….

  5. Internet is very important to my business so I want Starlink as backup service. In January 2021, they said it would available mid to late 2021, so I didn’t order. June 2021, they reported delivery late 2021, so I didn’t order. Now, it’s mid to late 2022, so why order it because they DO NOT honor first-come, first-served. They should complete North American orders before going international. I’ve waited 11 months for a Tesla delivery and have no more patience waiting for announced products. Can someone prove me wrong?

  6. Want some cheese with that whine? It takes time to produce the equipment. Suck it up and wait! People like you are what's wrong with America.!!

  7. I am going to stay on the list. Right now I am looking at April 2022. This is 7 months later than they first predicted. With only DSL in my area Starlink will be a huge improvement. I feel it will be worth the wait.

  8. Once again, a Musk owned company received a ton of tax subsidized grant money, then can’t deliver on their promises. I understand supply issues, but just be honest. Starlink got nearly a billion dollars in grants for rural internet; grants that could have gone to rural fiber connections had Starlink been honest about their delays.

  9. I've been on the waiting list since early February, and am super disappointed in this delay, but there's nothing I can do about it. Is there an online map of where Starlink service is available in the United States?

  10. Yeah wish my pre order said Mid 2022, Pre Ordered in Feb. And it says planning to expand to my area in 2023, Living in New Mexico sucks. Remind me of going to college in Colorado and people asking if I had my green card. We're a desolate and forgotten state.

  11. I wish cancelling was an option, but there is no other option for connectivity and likely won't be in the next 10+ years.

  12. So I'm confused by my Starlink order as it reads, "Starlink expects to expand service in your area in January 2022".
    Does this mean that they are going to be allowing more people to place orders in my area or does this mean that my order is expected to be full-filled in January?

  13. ya..i got F"D…i live in southern MO and was suppose to have equipment months email said.."YOUR F'D"

  14. I ordered it a week and a half ago, and it shipped the next day. The only hold up is FedEx has delayed it over a week.

  15. Like you said, I was hoping for an email confirmation of an estimated date of service in my area. I understand that everyone is affected by chip shortages. But am just sad to know that I will have to wait till 2023!!! This is a small island nation in the third world that no ones gives a s…. about! so what can we do eh?

  16. What pisses me off is they waited until November to deliver this news. It's no surprise they have known about this for some time. I would like nothing more than to cancel my deposit, but like most people, Starlink is still the best option where I live.

  17. Just checked my App after getting the email. Went from end of year 2021 to "Mid-2022" Sighs. That will put me into a year and a half waiting. What stinks is watching people who posted videos that live in an areas that they don't need Starlink…Suburbs, Cities, and more. Sad when Southwestern States can't even get a decent internet.

  18. They lied to us. And took a free loan from each individual customer who believed and hoped they would actually be getting some decent internet finally. We waited 11 months, now they’re telling us it’ll be another year 😡

  19. It’s an Elon Musk project, what do you expect from that lying hack?
    Judging by Las Vegas airport Hyperloop, you’ll probably get the data rate of Morse code!

  20. I wouldn't be so upset if it didn't say "First come first serve" when you order it. I placed a order for it day 1, and now I got delayed to April 2022. I'm tired of seeing other people place an order then get full shipment a week later. That is NOT first come first serve.

  21. I think, frustrated users can cancel their Starlink and change to what ecver they want. But there is no alternative.

  22. I hate to disappoint but when Starlink hits mass shipping of the new dish 2022 they will put on the data cap. Always a lot of promises upfront then reality sets in. But will stick one last time by waiting on their new promise of mid 2022 .

  23. Cancelling our order after Starlink update
    Live in Northern CA
    Ordered – 2/10/21
    Original estimate – Fall 2021
    then estimated – Late 2021
    New estimate as of 11/25/21 – Late 2022 👎🏻
    Would have replaced 5 Mbps DSL
    Pretty angry over this. Our kids had such a difficult time with online learning during the pandemic due to our bandwidth. We have been looking forward to finally having access to a high quality internet connection.

  24. I feel so bad for those still waiting. Been on for about a year now. Patience for those still in line. I will say it seems that the more rural you are the sooner you get your dishy.

  25. This is not a supply chain problem. This is a bandwidth problem. That's all I can say about the topic.

  26. I have been waiting for 3 months already , and now I got the email pushing it back a year 😡🤬😡🤬

  27. I ordered Mar 3 2021. i am pushed from mid to late 2021 to mid 2022. a neighbor ordered on my encouragement a month later and was set up in August. how is that first come first serve. theres no sense to it and no one to explain it.

  28. I don't want to be that guy but you have to be very delusional to pre-order any product during a global chip shortage and expecting it to be delivered in a short frame time.
    It advertises as much people still haven't realized the impact of COVID-19 on the Asian manufacturing industry where all these stuffs are being made.
    People are living too much in micro-bubbles societies and they do not acknowledge/understand at all the World, full with contrasts and inequalities, they are living in.

  29. I ordered on Feb. 11th and they said that it would be mid to late 2021. I checked a couple weeks ago and that had changed to Dec. 2021. Just checked again after seeing this video and it still indicates Dec. 2021. Will keep my fingers crossed!

  30. I signed up over a year ago and a half ago. The day my fiber got installed was when I was told I could pay 99 bucks to wait.

  31. I was on the waiting list but after receiving this email from Starlink and them pushing my expected fullment date to mid to late 2022, I decided they did not deserve to hold on to my $99 deposit and got a refund.

  32. Put myself on the Starlink waiting list back in May 2021. They now are predicting that the delivery time is now late 2022. Almost every new technology I've signed up for has been plagued with delays. Starlink is no different. Like you said in your video, I too was annoyed by the lack of communication. Even though it was not great news about the delay, I'm just slightly annoyed but not surprised. At least they let us know what's going on. Yes, I'm still on the waiting list and will remain so. Starlink, when it finally gets here, looks like a really cool system.

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