Starlink Cryptocurrency Update | Metaverse Gaming Token


In this video, I revisit the Starlink Cryptocurrency and the updates they have implemented since the last video I made of them. I also talk about the avatar creation that would be incorporated into the metaverse! Check below for all the links that I talk about in the video along with all of my social media link!

Thank you guys so much for watching the video, subscribing, liking, and sharing my videos on your page! Happy New Year and can’t wait to see you guys come back in 2022!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice, this is all for entertainment purposes only, please do your own research before investing your own income to this cryptocurrency.

📸Social Media Links:

Starlink Twitter Page:

Starlink Webpage:

Maddie Avatar Customization:

Starlink Merchandise Page:

Starlink Collection Page:

Maddie Merchandise:

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