Starlink Comparison against Fiber, Cable, LTE, and GEO Sat, plus static IP via SD-WAN


Get an overview of Starlink LEO Satellite performance as our Founder and CEO installs it at his house, gets a static IP address over Starlink with SD-WAN, and compares it against Fiber, Cable, Fixed-wireless, 4G LTE, and GEO satellite circuits.

For a deep-dive with info on how to connect to Starlink via WiFi and using SD-WAN to troubleshoot issues, check out the longer version of this video here:

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Install
0:57 – Configuring Starlink in Bigleaf SD-WAN
1:32 – Comparing Starlink vs. Fiber and Cable
3:40 – Comparing Starlink vs. GEO Sat (ViaSat)
5:00 – Comparing Starlink vs. LTE
5:17 – Comparing Starlink vs. Fixed Wireless
5:45 – How to get a Static IP address on Starlink
6:23 – Does Starlink need SD-WAN for business use?
8:25 – Varying throughput on Starlink with iPerf tests
9:11 – Conclusion

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