Starlink: BUSTED!!

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  1. Im still stunned that people have been listening to YEARS of massive overpromise and underdeliver…. and they will still say… 'but maybe hes telling the truth about starlink!'

  2. He just dreams so big, he comes up with these ridiculous ideas and it sounds so good and sound feasible. But he just tells everybody about him so they can all give him money for an impossible task

  3. Can we just finally get it out of the way and do a video that says Elon musk busted! I mean seriously. The guy doesn't have any engineering training, he lies out both sides of his mouth whenever he talks to the public, and he promises gullible people reimagine 3D renderings of ideas from the past that never come to fruition. He's a schmuck.

  4. elon time. though i have to say starlink has huge potential in the USA for a while till telecoms get off their butts. also amazon and the UK etc, but like telsa rousng the old giants of car production.

    i give them 10 years before. before the market catches up

  5. 28:30 Irrelevant, that's not the bottleneck. Suppose the satellite-to-satellite communication is absolutely perfect all the time. Optimal routing, no obstruction, no dropped packets.
    That means you win 20-30 ms over the transatlantic wire, right? Nah, that's just the transfer time within the constellation. You still have the uplink and downlink time to consider. And that's guaranteed to be more than 20-30 ms becuase they are using radio. Of course they have to, laser comms and an atmosphere doesn't mix well.

  6. One point you missed about latency is that they can't beat the regular Internet because even if their signal is faster, the regular Internet becomes the bottleneck.

    Kinda like how a suped up ferrari can't drive faster than the Nissan Micra in front of it.

  7. „Current internet is about 70ms“

    Wow I must have some magical internet from the future then, cause my ping is about 5-10ms

  8. Blueprints are only complicated to the uninitiated. There's a reason people keep saying STEM is ignored, and it isn't because of average salaries.

  9. Epic Chakotay insert! – What with Trump, Boris and Elon; we seem to be living in the age of the confidence trickster. Has the world always been this way, or is this something different?

  10. Hate to say it but your videos are getting boring, same old same old, more science less of this. there's enough channels doing the same

  11. Oh man, you are crushing my dream of the satellite internet. Looks like İ still have to rely on good old cables instead of shared medium for my internet needs…

  12. The laser data transfer tech WILL revolutionise the Internet. It will be awesome WHEN we get it to work.

    Given Musks plan is to get the rest of the satalite community to lay for his starlink launches he doesnt care about cost.

    The most dangerous thing about Starlink is that it weaponises the toxic city lot allowing them to.move out to the sticks and bring all the issues and shitty politics with them. (The rural lot moving jnto the cities would be just as toxic fwiw)

  13. There is so many negative comments. How many of you have actually done anything to better humanity? He helped start the road to electric vehicles, has given internet to places where there is none, and will help us become a planetary species.

  14. How does an individual get permission to pollute space? What happens if something catostophic happens, for example like in the movie Gravity, there are multiple satellite destructions causing waves of space debris destroying everything in its way.

    This then destroying all satellites and the international space station, the Hubble telescope and anything else we have up there. And also making launching anything into space impossible?

    who would be responsible for rendering space unusable forever?

  15. I really hope this whole project turns out to be as much a vaporware as Hyperloop. Knowing the care and reliability of Musk's companies, I expect if they actually get up a good percentage of the constellation there will be some glitch and cascade accidents rendering a Kessler syndrome type scenario and locking the whole planet out from satellite capability at least for decades. (also starving the folks on the ISS even if the debris field won't hit them)

  16. It is well established that Thunderf00t is a bright critical thinker, as well as it is established that he has a personal beef with Musk up to the point where he cherry picks facts to sustain his theory.
    In regards of Starlink, the fact that most of the time the satellites will be hovering the sea thus being unusable it's itself a scam statement. One of the goals of Starlink is to provide connectivity to airplanes and ships. On an airplane, a single Starlink connection will serve an average of 300 people while in a ship it can reach up to 7 thousands, in case of cruising ships.
    Given that there is an average of 9,728 planes carrying 1,270,406 passengers in the sky at any given time (meaning half a billion each year) and that each year nearly 30 Millions passenger are cruising on a ship, how about taking into consideration also those numbers, you know… just to be intellectually honest.
    In regards of the power consumption and its related cost, Thunderf00t forgets that most of the people are already paying electricity bills for their sat tv dishes as well as to power up their home routers. And he forgets also that the efficiency of such apparatus is improving every day.
    When making the calculation about the break even point, he focuses only to the general population service market price, while Starlink has plans to sell connectivity at a super-premium price for all those customers and enterprises for which a super low latency is a necessary factor to conduct business (for example, Wall Street operators, professional streamers, professional gamers).
    This charade/crusade against Musk while in some cases it proved meaningful, in most cases proves itself more like a one sided personal war just to affirm who has the longest dick.
    My two cents.

  17. I love your busted series but this one was pretty poorly researched. You should probably talk to a system engineer at an ISP to run some better numbers. AWS bandwidth cost is not even close to a reasonable number to use for ISP bandwidth cost, and your numbers for satellite capacity are way off – most internet connections are idle most of the time.

  18. It's not fair to calculate capacity as "100 Mb per customer". No internet provider reserves the full bandwidth to residential customers, because you rarely see people utilizing it (and if too many of them do – contracts in US have enough smallprint to allow dropping such customers at will). Commercial customers are a different story – but at different prices.

  19. I see all the overhype and I really don't like it. But the constant references to Theranos are pretty off. Paypal works, Tesla's are pretty solid cars. Not everything he does is BS. And if only 10% of what he says works, that's still quite impressive.

  20. you should have given less of an intro and jumped quicker to what really matters, especially towards the Kessler Syndrome, how Starlink fucks up astronomy, and perhaps what might be even worse, the rather sacred human relationship to the sky. How more disrespectful it can get to millions of people who actually do not even know what internet is or couldn't care less about it. I predict humans will eventually avoid staring the sky because they will feel oppressed and actually dumbfied by the periodic, uniform, artificial, perpetual movement of thousands of "sudden new stars". It will be sort of a chinese torture or a morbid hypnosis. As a matter of fact I believe this is right now one of the most serious threats to mankind!

  21. There is a major problem with your "1000 costumers per sattelite" calculation here. When an ISP sells, say, a 100Mbs internet connection, that doesn't actually mean they have the capacity to deliver 100Mbs to every costumer continuously. Rather, the 100Mbs number is an "up to" figure, given under the assumption that everyone doesn't max out their connection continuously at the same time. In stead people tend to use their internet connections in short bursts, thus using orders of magnitude less effective bandwidth than if they maxed out the connection continuously. Therefore, the sum of the connection speeds that ISPs sell to their costumers can be much bigger than the total capacity of their network. Assuming Starlink intend to do the same, the "1000 costumers per satellite" number is probably off by one or two orders of magnitude.

  22. It's only natural for a rich con artist to get into space fraud as people are still buying it and talking about it as if it were real. The non thinking public will believe absolutely anything their tv and "trusted" authorities tell them, if it's impossible they will make excuses. They will do anything but admit they live in a illusory world of fraud and hucksters.

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