Starlink BETA – WiFi Router Teardown – 2020-Nov-14

We have been lucky enough to receive a Beta invite to Starlink!!

In today’s stream, I’ll attempt to disassemble the Starlink WiFi Router.

More details: .

  1. @ 7:35 we know that this router is capable of entering earths atmosphere and not only doing so it can withstand the vessel exploding thus the router could spiral to earth at terminal velocity, smash to the earths crust and yup…still remain intact! It's engineered after all by Space Engineers! LOL..

  2. I'm assuming that should work with their unit for the time being until I switch out my router which one would you recommend I would like to stick with ubiquity of possible.
    Because I know the quality is really good and has no issues. But will it work with the Poe which that is included with that antenna.

  3. Antennas look to identical for them to be one for 2,4G and other for 5,8G. I guess they both are dual band and they are to two implement MIMO scheme or something similar.

  4. So just a bog-standard router with a standard Qualcom SOC running the show. The Gigadevice's chip is flash memory. The 2 ethernet "chips" as you called them are actually just magnetics for the ethernet connections. The actual ethernet PHY's are built into the smaller chip. looks like the aren't even using the 2×2 mimo, just a 2G and 5G antenna. Kind of a crappy router to be honest.

  5. Your primary router? Please explain. I understand the starlink ap does not hand out dhcp. If u used your own AP, did the power brick for your dish hand an external IP to your AP?

  6. I'm guessing, but surely included under the terms and conditions of being a beta tester – that you are not permitted to disassemble or reverse engineer any part of their product? Informative and interesting video though:-)

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