Starlink: Battle for Atlas – STARFOX RETURNS | Switch Review


Traveling through space in a carefully handcrafted solar system seems like a perfect title for the Switch! Throw an incredibly well implemented story with Starfox in the mix, and it seems like a dream come true. But is it plagued with too many resolution and framerate issues? Now you can decide for yourself.


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  1. Wow this video is extremely well made, and you only have 93 subs? What’s up with that? Thanks for the video, I’m totally gonna pick up Starlink now. Also, I’m gonna make that 93, a 94…

  2. For things as large as planets, I'm certain that procedural generation has to be used to some degree. A lot less than No Man's Sky for sure, but I'm pretty sure the file size would be several terabytes if everything all the way down to the grass placement and elevation map of the terrain was completely hand crafted. Despite the big hit in public perception of procedural generation when No Man's Sky was released, you would actually be surprised how often it is used in today's games. It's not a terrible technology – it was just overused and its limitations were not well understood by Hello Games when they made No Man's Sky.

  3. You know what? After watching the excerpt cutscene at the 6:50 mark you’re absolutely right the voice acting for falco is noticeably forced and hollow by comparison to the other 3.

  4. I think this is sort of an apology for Starfox Zero on the Wii U. Good apology, lol. I think I might check this game out.

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