Starlink Battle For Atlas: Part 2 – Star Wolf Mission Begins

This episode we finally begin the Star Fox exclusive set of missions, which leads us to a level 5 outlaw base where we get the closest gameplay to traditional Star Fox that the game has to offer. There’s also a cool cutscene with Star Wolf. #NintendoSwitch #Starfox
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  1. I don’t like the human characters in this game. So outta place. And rife with a PC agenda. It’s lame. Women, multicultural. Just drop all that BS. Games should not be subject to an obvious political agenda. Make Starfox Starfox again please

  2. My only complaints are Falco's voice, and the lack of a throwback "cocky little freaks" during the boss battle.

    This has a lot of good elements that could be put in a standalone game.

  3. Love this game, I bought all the dlc! Wait until you find the racing planet! There’s SO MUCH cool stuff to find and do in this game!

  4. Slippy's voice in this really reminds me of Emil from the NieR games, if it turns out it's the same VA I wouldn't be surprised.

  5. Never touch this game myself and I can definitely see where you're coming from I do not understand how people can say this is the is the good star Fox…. As you say have they not played any of the other star foxes…. Would take every Star Fox over this game especially 64 And Star Fox adventures

  6. is it still wrong that I wish that you could unlock the Wolfen as a usable vehicle in more than just Command and the vs mode of Starfox Assault