Starlink a bit doomed? Not so fast


Elon warns Starlink could bankrupt the company, but that seems a bit far fetched. Let’s look at the big pros and cons of the system and consider its future.

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No, SpaceX did NOT lose 80% of its satellites

SpaceX could go bankwupt if engine production doesn’t get sorted out

Is Starlink doomed to mediocrity?

How many satellites are in orbit?

Starlink owns half the satellites in orbit

Elon owns half of SpaceX

Two really neat Starlink satellite trackers

Starlink speeds going up?

Starlink slowing, but still much faster than any other satellite internet

Starlink subscribers jumps from 250,000 to 400,000 in just two months

International market for Starlink is still largely untapped

Starlink global availability map

How much does a Starlink launch actually cost? Under $30m

Starlink version 2.0 hoping to launch on Starship

Everyday Astronaut talks Starship with Twitter enthusiast Elon Musk

How hard is it to make satellites reliable?

Fudding FUDsters gonna FUD

NASA says Starlink is Kessler Syndrome-proof

  1. FFS basing you show on an a 3 month old article and then following up wit one from December. I'm so glad you do these live or I might have missed this important breaking news!
    OK grumpy man. you keep on ranting but I won't be watching. Its freking boring. I'll stay subbed, but only because I support you, but i do wonder why.

  2. 🤗THANKS BRIAN ….FOR SHARING THIS INFO …. And yes I did watch the whole every Day astronaut with Elon 😎🥶😎👍😍😍😍

  3. @21:30 I got on the internet back in late 70s with a 300 Baud Modem, 
    I had to deal with Ma Bell, university links, BBSs, CompuServe, and there was no Google. 
    Searching was a hemorrhoid. In 1995, I was so glad to get Altavista.

  4. @19:10 I remember the dark humor joke running around after the Challenger Shuttle Disaster back in '86, that NASA stood for Need Another Seven Astronauts.

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