Starlink 2.0 Will Revolutionize The Internet As We Know It


Starlink 2.0 Will Revolutionize The Internet As We Know It

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The name Elon Musk has always been associated with revolutionary innovations and technology. Currently, over 5 billion people around the world use the internet for several tasks, be it browsing for information, binge-watching movies, or doing research. The net has opened the doors to some great opportunities.
And its potential? Limitless.
Elon Musk has a big goal in mind to tap into the infinite power of the internet. His dream to make the internet much more accessible to people across the globe is inching closer to reality.
Hello everyone, welcome to our channel, Tech Shark. ln today’s video let’s explore how Starlink 2.0 could revolutionize the Internet.
Musk’s progressive vision is to reach those places of our planet which still lack connectivity. The best way to do it?
From space!
SpaceX’s Starlink program holds the key to transforming the internet into a bigger, better, and more powerful version of itself. The program is basically a constellation of artificial satellites called the Satellite Internet Constellation, whose primary function will be providing satellite internet access to even the most remote regions of the world.
Think Antarctica, ships at sea, planes high above in the sky…and Mars!
Starlink is still in the beta phase but is soon expected to be going to the next phase. In this phase, Starlink is offering its service to 20 countries and has 1600 satellites already up and ready to go, in space.
To understand the full development of Starlink we will have to take a look at the past.

Socially, its connectivity to remote and rural parts of the world will make education and learning so much more accessible and fun. Another huge market will be time-sensitive industries such as the stock market, where a transmission delay of a few milliseconds can incur losses of millions of dollars.
So, you can understand how much these industries will be willing to pay for increased speed.
Starlink is also going to play a vital role in cost-cutting. For the United States alone, an upgrade from 4G to 5G will cost about $150 billion, to just create the optic fiber network.
On the other hand, the whole Starlink project is estimated to be complete with an expenditure of fewer than 10 billion dollars. SpaceX has managed to cut down the cost of satellites significantly to as low as 300,000 dollars per satellite.
SpaceX is also using its Falcon 9 to deploy the satellites into orbit, further cutting down the costs. The company also has the plan to upgrade its launch by housing 60 satellites per launch using its Starship spaceship, which will take fewer missions to reach the desired number of satellites.
SpaceX has done what no other satellite company ever did or may not be able to do in near future. After all the criticism that Musk faced for his ambitious goals, he never gave up and kept going.
Starlink is expected to face a lot of competition in creating satellite internet service as there are many more who are eyeing this arena, including Amazon’s Project Kuiper. We will have to wait for some more years to know who will be able to provide the best Satellite internet service!
It is also expected that one fully set Starlink has the potential to generate about 30 to 50 billion dollars annually. This can easily fund all the SpaceX programs and can also act as a boost for its Lunar and Mars missions.
All in all, Starlink 2.0, with an estimated number of 30,000 satellites is going to revolutionize the way people use the internet. Slow internet which would lag at every turn, will soon be a thing for history books!
Imagine the combination of lightning-fast and the Metaverse! It’s surreal, isn’t it?
What is your thought on the Starlink 2.0 satellite and the Starlink program as a whole? Do you think Starlink will be able to usher in something greater than 5G? Let us know in the comments below.

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