Starlink 2.0: SpaceX just Changed EVERYTHING we know about internet.


Starlink 2.0: Elon Musk SpaceX revealed a new version of Starlink that will Change EVERYTHING we know about the internet.
Out of all old brand names companies, the little young boy “Starlink” is the one that has launched the most satellites into orbit to date.
With over 30 successful missions and more than 1700 active satellites, Elon musk hopes for more.
SpaceX is preparing to manufacture its next-generation “GEN2” Starlink satellites, as the company hopes to build this so-called mega constellation network with over 42,000 futuristic satellites.
This project has so far launched 2 main versions 0.9 and 1.0 Starlink satellites deployed into Low Earth Orbit.
But for the first time, the company launched the first constellations of its brand new Version 1.5 equipped with laser communications in September, after a pause of 3 months to add this hardware feature in the spacecraft.
There have been more confirmed upgrades and changes coming soon to Starlink, in this video; we will discuss the upcoming versions of Starlink 1.5, 2.0, their features, and improvements.
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  1. The web of Starlink satellites just inadvertently proved the concept on how to protect Earth from inter solar and planetary objects hitting us. Make a web of high orbiting satellites with small nuclear rockets cover the earth. The satellites could aim and shoot their rockets at objects or also launch them out into the sun to dispose of them if the satellite began to fail or needed to be de-orbited. The nuclear rockets would be strong enough to alter the course of an object. They would also be made to burn up in the atmosphere rather then falling back down to earth and causing damage. Sure the possibility of radiation poisoning would be there, but it wouldn’t be enough to really harm a lot of people because the rocket could be like 1 kiloton or even less in power and still significantly alter the course of a small object (hundreds of feet across). The real challenge would be if we we’re threatened by an object thousands of feet or kilometers across. Then it might not work.

  2. Could you imagine, with this new tech you could be far in the darkest regions of the north pole and your internet would be just as capable as the internet available in big cities! Not to mention modern internet is uniquely vulnerable because it has data routing centers that are uniquely vulnerable. Elons internet will never have that problem.

    I am one of the Beta testers mentioned in this video and i LOVE my starlink. Where i live internet was very bad and expensive. Starlink fixed that problem for me.

  3. I'm loving Starlink after 25 years of crap satellite broadband. Good riddance Viashat. Thank you Spacex.

  4. Interesting discussion of frequency but will devices without a satellite dish be able to make direct use of Starlink? For instance, could it be used as a satellite phone without the high cost?

  5. this holds true for ALL COUNTRIES that launch satellites, deorbit existing older satellites when upgraded versions are constructed…earths orbit is littered with space junk. same as how we litter the planet we live in

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