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Launch into the new frontier of virtual space with the STARL Metaverse. Adventure through the cosmos alone or with others and discover space stations where you can meet people, trade items and NFTs, access various gaming experiences and entertainment, modify your spaceship, learn, craft, and create.

The $STARL token will be your key to everything in the metaverse. It is the currency for the first truly decentralized metaverse project: 100% unlocked, renounced, and community-driven. The STARL Metaverse Project is the first crypto project to onboard a AAA game design and development team with over two decades of experience, including work for PlayStation, Disney, Lionsgate Entertainment, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and the LEGO group. STARL will be the bridge between the professional gaming industry and cryptocurrency.

The STARL Metaverse will act as a gaming launchpad, with the first game Warp Nexus being adapted and developed by Wyrmbite Studios. Warp Nexus is a vast space exploration and play-to-earn space MMO. Use the $STARL token to build and modify ships, hire other pilots to help guide or battle through missions, trade useful or cosmetic items and upgrades, and much more.

The STARL Marketplace is the interconnection between the metaverse, games, and blockchain. Use it to find, create, and trade NFT items for your adventures and virtual life in space. The Marketplace is where artists can list their creations, explorers can sell their found treasures, pilots can hunt for ship upgrades, and users can shop for unique customizations for their avatars and virtual real estates.
Anything is possible in the metaverse when it is in space, and this is just the beginning.

Where Can I Buy STARL Tokens?

If you would like to know where to buy Starlink, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Starlink stock are currently OKEx, Bitget,, ZT, and Bitrue. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.


The PIXELNAUTS collection is the first volume in STARL’s new ‘Artist Profile Series’. Mint a unique, original, and limited NFT to use as your Profile picture, get access to the limited features of StarLink Metaverse, or trade on the marketplace. Every PIXELNAUT minted is different and rare, with some rarer than others!

Time Stamps

0:00 Start
0:42 NFT & Apple AirPods Giveaway
1:15 Thank You for 900 Subscribers!
2:31 Free Apple AirPods Giveaway for 1000 Subs
3:06 There are 2 Starlinks…
5:06 STARL Website Update
5:21 NEW STARL Beta Marketplace
5:52 StarLink PixelNaut Drop on OpenSeas
6:17 Where can I Buy STARL?
6:50 STARL Token & StarLink P2E Ecosystem
8:11 Unreal Engine Warp Nexus Adaptation AAA MMO Game
8:43 Warp Nexus Trailer
9:49 Fair Tokenomics
10:40 STARL Website Questions & Answers
11:23 Founders Are Massive Players in the Crypto Space
12:30 P2E Model Will Help People Earn “Money” Online
13:43 StarLink Roadmap Update
14:51 CoinMarketCap Update
16:11 StarLink is a Project to Keep Tabs On
16:51 Closing Remarks


STARL Website

STARL Market

STARL White Paper

STARL Twitter Page

StarLink PixelNauts NFT OpenSeas Sale

STARL CoinMarketCap


Free NFT Giveaway

Free Uncommon Eggs From Crypture World!!!!
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  1. Subbed. Does that make 1k Subs?
    Starl holder for about 4 months. Also just joined your discord

  2. Hey 😊 I'm a new subscriber to your channel, came across the StarL project few days ago and you're really helped me understand the project more and where it goin…bless 🙏🏽 great insight..

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I'd appreciate your view on the metaverse project called Ertha, a life simulation game in metaverse, if you are able. Thanks.

  4. Ertha is a play to earn game. I think you should take a look. You can also tell us your ideas.

  5. I'm holder of this project from some weeks ago and this is really a GOLD information, Thank you so much

  6. Your right people are getting Elons starlink confused with Starl maybe it could be a good thing for Starl 🤣

  7. Help review #Ertha the first phase of their land sales is over and they will be launching their HEX NFT marketplace in the next few weeks. Tokens are to be released in December.

  8. Yohh!!! I pray I be lucky again this time!!!🕺🕺
    We are moving to the top 🔝🔥🔥

  9. I'm one of your new subscribers because of the Starlink game NOT Elon's. But you are providing a great resource for info on the project and looking forwards to new updates. It looks like it's going to be a fierce competitor to Star Atlas. A comparison maybe?

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