SPECIAL REPORT – ULA, Vulcan Centaur and Blue Origin in Crisis!! (But there is still hope)


Blue Origin has put ULA and the US Space Force in a state of crisis! Here’s the latest…

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  1. If ULA had really wanted their rocket engines delivered on time, they should have paid extra for Blue Origin Prime

  2. I strongly disagree with your assessment of ULA. They've done nothing for space exploration, that happened despite them . ULS was formed only for profit. You should be really angry at them. They need to die.

  3. If I were CEO Of ULA, I would be having my Legal Team drawing up a lawsuit for Tortious Interference, Incompetence, Failing to pay the Proper Attention & Supervision to ensure the contract was delivered on time, as specified. I would include as part of the relief sought the Total Revenue that the DoD-SpaceForce contracts would have generated for ULA. I would also include as part of the relief, a ban on Blue Origin or any successor companies from bidding on the contracts, any future iterations of them, or any contracts that are related to them in the future, even in the slightest way. I would also list Jeff Bezos personally as a respondent.
    After this Thermonuclear Lawsuit is finished up in its writing, I would let slip to BO The Damocles Sword hanging over their head!: Finish it Up Soon, Right, As all we have to do is the filing.

  4. Retool Centaur for Raptors ASAP. Nat. Gas and Methane are chemically similar so current tanks and valves should be useable. Question is, are (2) V1 raptors strong enough, if Booster 4 is scrapped (because of V2 advances) that should make up to 34 salvageable V1 Raptors (sea-level) available at a good price. Best part is the funding will help production of V2 Raptors for Starship and erect a big finger at Bozo.

  5. I guess Blue Origin never heard of rapid prototyping. Fly, fail fast if you are going to fail, fix, repeat. SpaceX would be on their 10th generation design in a similar timeframe!

  6. Maybe ULA needs to re-architect to leverage the Raptor – and good luck! On a side note: What are the Blue Origin engineers doing on a daily basis to fix the BE4? SpaceX would probably be on the 10th generation of the Raptor given the timeframes we are talking about. Guess Blue Origin never heard of rapid prototyping and fail fast, fix, try again.

  7. Thank you for a shorter video. I have been following your channel for quite some time, but lately I have been reluctant to watch because your videos are waaaay to long. Your topics are often very interesting and you dig up interesting material that mainstream space watchers miss. The format of your videos is, in my opinion, too much repeating the same multiple times in the same video making them much too slow…

  8. I wish there were more angry commentators, this BO is insufferable!
    Projects falling apart, Amazon employees dead, and Jeff Bozo is celebrating!
    Thanks we have AA to shout for us.

  9. Would it be possible for ULA to redesign Vulcan around the Raptor engine? SpaceX has already flown them and is already mass producing them so tossing a few to ULA should be trivial.

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