SpaceX's Starship & Dragon Assigned More NASA Missions, Inflation Hits Starlink Customers


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SpaceX’s lunar Starship receives additional missions from NASA. Inflation hits SpaceX and Starlink customers. Dragon preps for a series of crewed missions. And we finish with today’s Honorable Mention. Ep 307.







Intro: 0:00
Starship: 0:19
Inflation: 1:40
Dragon: 6:01
Honorable Mention: 7:48

Soul Frequency by Cymatix

Elon Musk:
Michael Sheetz:

  1. "Why we elect those who hate us?"… It is because lot of inteligent people, are that brainwashed that they believe NOTHING what right have to say. Even if we say that water is wet… they will say that this is misinformation. They REFUSE to even CHECK any INFORMATION provided by our side. I tried convince my left leaning friends to even watch fairly washed down, fence sitting Tim Pool or Dave Rubin. NOPE. "Right wing propaganda". :/

  2. Just for your information. It appears that it is not so good to have been in the US for a long time. It is the migrants that succeed. Jeff Bezos is of Danish decent and Elon Musk is a migrant too.

  3. Hi Kev, when did this awesome space related channel turn into one sided political rambling? Not cool, please bring back the old Kevin

  4. I was a subscriber to your channel some time ago, I unsubscribed when you began to bring your political views to this channel. I also wanted to support this channel because you served in the military at one time. I'm a 100% disabled veteran who consumes SpaceX information on a daily basis. I'm not saying that your not allowed your political views, but I came to see SpaceX info. Support democracy? My personal viewpoint is that the world's moral compass is way of kilter. What ever happened to "love thy neighbor"? Now no one takes responsibility, and points a finger saying "don't look at what I'm doing, pay attention to what that person is doing over there". I do agree that fraud, waste, and abuse runs rampant though our government BY ALL of our public servants. The SLS (Senate Launch System) is a prime example. I wish you luck in your endeavors, and thank you for your service brother.

  5. Unless you just run out of things to talk about, could you stop the political stuff in the videos? I do understand some of it is relevant like with inflation, but other than that it really just seems like you're venting. The videos are still great, they just could use a little less politics

  6. Disliked due to the new political bias and slide into conspiracy nonsense.

  7. Is it time to rename your videos to politics in the news? Love the space news but the amount of time dedicated to politics is starting to get a bit tiring…

  8. I got you beat. I have ancestry back to the 1610s. As for the last comment, the cancel culture and weak-minded are woke-zombies

  9. I really liked your work when it was focused on space, it was cool to follow every update on starship with your videos
    My issue right now is that you started talking about politics in every episodes, and a growing portion of time goes to it. From your comment on previous videos, you alredy know not everyone likes it. While I agree politics have an effect on space and sometimes need to be talked about, most of the time they don't and shouldn't even be mentionned.

    I'm not happy about it, but I guess it's now time for me to unsubscribe

  10. Thanks Kevin, I always enjoy your content, and have just subscribed on Rumble…Breaking another link to YouTube…byeee

  11. Love the updates on space related things.

    Though, sadly I must bow out due to the political opinion pieces. Of course I support your choice to use your platform as you choose. And, I also choose not to participate. I find most of your political opinions in strong opposition to my own core values and lived experience.

    Good luck and godspeed.

  12. Item limits are what happen when voters are vehemently against "Price Gouging"

  13. I went to the FAA page, scrolled down to:

    Draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment Public Review and Comment Period

    Then clicked:

    The comments can be found on this page.

    Which took me to: “The requested page could not be found.”

    Apparently they don’t want the public to see the comments and what’s taking them so long to evaluate, probably politics is the only thing standing in the way of a permit. Why can’t we see how hard it is to read 19,000 documents. My entry was only 6 lines long not 600 pages.

  14. Inflation is great for the government! The same % of taxes = more money. If some corporations are scamming people like some seems to think, the governments are straight up stealing from their populations.

  15. I love that you make space news but also aren´t scared to voice your opinion about politics pls continue on your way.

  16. Yes Democrats are that stupid. Their decisions are almost 100% emotion based. They have no logic or reason.

  17. I have really enjoyed your videos—always fun and informative—but the political commentary has increased significantly over the past few months. I watch other channels for news and political commentary. I come to you to hear about space stuff. I get it that this stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Politics and policies matter but they don’t need to be given such prominence in your videos.

  18. It’s because the media and political campaigns are funded by corporations explicitly optimized to increase their share value at all cost. There is no room for the best decisions for Americans.

  19. Canada has the 3rd largest oil reserve in the world and it's all ethical oil. Yet dictator Traideau and lefty fool Bideduh stop pipelines?????????????????

  20. Can you stop with politics please. I didn t watch this channel for 3 Months because of this mimimi biden is so bad. Now i come back 50% of the video is just bullshit about stupid politics. I DONT CARE HOW BAD BIDEN IS. Trump was worse

  21. Hey Kevin
    starting from 3.30
    I m fully aware that everything that happens in europe has its origins from the US since you guys are leading of train of technology somehow established by the course of history – as an engineer eventhough living in Germany, the idea of moving to Canada/US is still attracting though…Germany is also very developed country to say the least. Europe is not a bad place to live in. with that said
    I like you and your videos and your sense of humour but today I believe i heard something like:" we are better, I m better that you cauz I m american, 16th generation …" respect your honestly but after hearing that I didnt want to continue watching the video .. I still did but came back and wrote this comment and now I m aware that you re so proud of being bord where you born which make an non american watcher feeling a bit like "I m someone on the side of the road, dont count that much, who cares about me"

    Nothing personal, just saying that I ve being able to hear something in that direction and its unpleasant and it's just a shame to stop watching your videos because of maybe a fast written script :p
    wish you a wonderful Sunday 🙂

  22. If you want to blame anything for inflation blame how we let banks just create digital money out of thin air or blame Nixon who made the dollar not backed by gold anymore.

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