SpaceX's Starship 20 & Booster 4 Will Reach Orbit Before NASA Artemis & Blue Origin's New Glenn


SpaceX’s Starship 20 & Booster 4 Will Reach Orbit Before NASA Artemis & Blue Origin’s New Glenn
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Providing a backdrop to Elon Musk’s long-awaited Starship update, Booster 4 and Ship 20 are in the process of being fully stacked at the Orbital Launch Site. Booster 4 was lifted onto the Mount on Sunday, ahead of the expected use of the Mechazilla chopsticks to stack Ship 20 this week. Musk is set to present the latest updates on the Starship program.After many weeks of being asked on Twitter for a new overview of Starship, Musk finally revealed that he would conduct a presentation soon.The largest spacecraft ever built is expected to reach orbit for the first time in March 2022 before NASA’s Artemis and Blue Origin’s New Glenn— and if all goes as planned, we’ll be a huge step closer to a future in which spaceflight is cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

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