SpaceX's Starlink 2.0 CHANGES EVERYTHING We Know About Internet!


SpaceX’s Starlink 2.0 CHANGES EVERYTHING We Know About Internet!

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Musk is known for his extraordinary and extra innovative creations in the world. And with SpaceX’s #Starlink2.0, this will change everything we know about the internet.

S#paceX’s Starlink is the first company to launch the most satellites into orbit among all the old brands. With more than 1700 active satellites and more than 30 successful missions, #ElonMusk is expecting more. This so-called mega constellation network will consist of over 42,000 futuristic satellites with which SpaceX hopes to construct its next-generation Gen 2 Starlink satellites. So far, two Starlink satellites 0.9 and 1.0 have been launched into low earth orbit. However, it was the first time the company launched a constellation equipped with laser communications of its brand-new version 1.5 this September, after three months the spacecraft added this hardware feature. Also, further updates and upgrades are on the way for Starlink as well. So, we’ll also discuss the new features in Starlink 1.5 and 2.0, as well as improvements and features. Then, they deorbited Starlink 0.1 or the Titan version after almost a year in low earth orbit in preparation for a new Starlink mission. In this regard, the team has acquired the necessary skills to handle the upcoming versions. Then, Musk and his team are continuing to work on version 0.9. And on May 19, 2019, SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites using version 0.9 and things differed from the first launch. Although this is still a beta version of the satellite, it contains many additional features over normal satellites.

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