SpaceX working on design for Starship 2.0!


Today we’ll talk Starship 2.0. SpaceX’s latest design changes that will be present on the orbital flight. We’ll also talk about the lead theory for the mystery structure, and we’ll talk about the Super High Bay. SpaceX’s even larger Starship high bay to begin construction soon! Let’s find out!

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Editing: Brian Klug
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  1. U what I found very interesting besides the amazing ingenuity is the easy access to the construction site ? another’s country like China or Russia will be cover in secrecy .

  2. That isn't Starship 2.0. It is still a prototype. At best ship 20 will be Starship 0.9.

    Normally, "version 1.0" is a title for the first customer ready production design. These prototypes don't even have doors, so they couldn't launch a payload into space.

  3. The hydraulic pistons seem to have too much throw, stroke length, for simply applying a static load. Yet, you're right, the number of twenty pistons does suggest that they will be for simulating the loading for the outer engines. Interesting that the pistons are further out from the center than the engines, at least as indicated by Spacex 3D Creation Eccentric assemblies. Perhaps they will actuate a lever arm to give the rams more mechanical advantage and this might explain their longer throw.

    Are you suggesting that the black mystery structure would go on top of the booster and be held down by cables or such as the rams push upwards? And thus stress the whole structure? It seems the better candidate would be Booster 3 since that is expendable, whereas Booster 4 needs to be in good enough shape to head to orbit.

    Thinking out loud. Great video as usual. Loved that surprise ending 🙂 Thumbs up.

  4. August 5ths very much Elon time – zero chance of it being ready by then. The launch sites still got 3-4 weeks of work left.

  5. It’s amazing how SpaceX can maintain, then increase its pace of development. I wish I was 40 years younger. I’d be working there, working toward working there.

  6. Let's think forward into the near future…SpaceX has successfully brought the Starship/Booster combo to production level. We already know Elon wants hundreds of them so he can colonize Mars. Where in the heck is he going to park these gigantic things while he builds out the fleet?

  7. Stop making them shaped like dildo penuses and shape them more like breasts and they fly faster and more accurately and are able to withstand the g's more efficiently. Planes and spacecraft have been rudely misdesigned since the very beginning. We have electromagnetic isolation now…the transport vessel doesn't need to have an aerodynamic shape anymore. Just a small electromagnetic converter negates gravity and air resistance too…and they are so simple to make and cheap to build…why these guys keep staying in their combustion game world is beyond any modern man's ability to comprehend. I guess some folks still ride around in horses and buggies…

  8. I would bet that the new high bay has doors on both ends so construction assemblies can flow through the bay area, just 1 door means too much schuffling for maximum efficiency…

  9. It’s a piece of junk and so is all the rest . You could have stuck with the magnetic drive saucers and did what the ones who discovered space travel. And if you think we of the so called space Generation are the first to travel from planet to planet then you are totally out of reality.

  10. I am concerned about how long it's taking to build that launch-table. It will have to repeatedly withstand a huge amount of energy and exhaust. Should it ever become severely damaged, I don't think they have a spare to replace it with. The have demonstrated that they can quickly replace a starship and booster, but at the rate it's taking now, replacing that launch-table would create a huge delay in their launch schedule.

  11. It would have been nice had they added multiple work platforms along the inside walls of the high-bay and a rotating table for the vehicle, instead of relying on elevated man-lifts. With elevators on the inside so that workers can go to any level and then rotate the vehicle in order to do their work. More stable work surface and multiple tasks could be performed at the same time. The corners in the high-bay would be rounded to fit the shape of the vehicle.

  12. if they put a door on the front of the super high bay they can call it the megarage lol
    that's a play on mega garage for clarification 🙂

  13. I think the super high bay will be double only sideways, not in two dimensions. What you have shown might not be able to sustain the ceiling in the center. But awsome episode, you rock!

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