SpaceX vs Blue Origin


A short comparison between SpaceX (Elon Musk) and Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos). Of course like all #shorts this is a very broad and non-exhaustive video and should not be taken too seriously. Its main goal is to be entertaining 🙂

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  1. Well if one is doing mining and manufacturing off planet and one is claiming another planet then that can lead to a team up.

    While one is claiming planets the other can get resources from the planets or planet that could possibly get destroyed if that doesn’t lead to a team up then you can look at it as their both winners.

  2. This is where humanity learns how to infect other planets and destroy their resources and drain their oceans

    Just like real viruses

  3. If you think Elon and not Rothchild is richest on planet you didnt do your homework. Wikipedia is NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE

  4. Anyone that cannot recognize these only exist to pave the way for asteroid mining and subsequent never before seen profit margins, is delusional

  5. “At first glance they’re not that different”
    “At first glance, you might not spot the difference between Yamaha and Kenworth”

  6. Correction: the big difference is that Elon Musk knows what he is doing and talking about, whereas Jeff Bezos is doing nonsense to capture attention!
    Elon Musk is an intelligent person, with big projects, and great objectives, for example to assure that the human ra e will endure! Let’s not forget he actually has science related history, and studied a lot, working more than humanly possible to be able to make SpaceX and everything else come true!
    While Jeff Bezos in the other hand is just a dumb basic dude who owns a store, and only wants to make it evolve to get more moni! He never worked hard, he never had to bust his ass off like Elon working more hours a day than the number of hours in a day! He wants to achieve this “Moon” project to catch attention and make himself big! I repeat: Jeff Bezos is nothing but a sad salesman that has no intelligence whatsoever!

  7. Think if both of them are successful we'll have a backup plan if earth is destroyed and we might still have the moon idk how that would work

  8. Fact that yoy didn't want to know:
    SpaceX was originally exploring the ocean to know about it

    Now they are trying to find out if they can live on Mars

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