SpaceX vs Blue Origin: What are they up to?

Elon Musk has a great dream for humanity to settle on Mars. While Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin believes in preserving our Earth by tapping into the unlimited resources of space. They also have a vision of building space colonies and on the moon.

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  1. Bezos' has not completed even one project in 20 years. He is 100% pure BS. To mention Bezos and Blue Origin in the same article with Elon Musk and SpaceX is a HUGE INSULT to Elon and the SpaceX team. Either you did not do your homework or are only another BS artist just like Bezos. Which is it 🤔??

  2. I had to stop just under 5 minutes into the video because I just couldn't take it anymore. For the love of god please us related video footage when talking about something.

  3. Thank you for uploading. I got the opportunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I posted a pretty fun video of the journey to my page.

  4. Just think if Jeff and Elon got together and and included NASA and all the other countries involved in space… we would need some kinda Space Force or Space Government … nah just go your own way people… nothing to see here.

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