SpaceX vs Blue Origin: The Space Race Explained


It’s an epic clash, bearing all the hallmarks of a far-fetched Hollywood screenplay. Rival billionaires, duking it out among the stars, with nothing less at stake than the future direction of human civilisation itself.

In reality, of course, the 21st century space race happening right now, between Elon Musk’s Space-X and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, is a slow paced, respectful, and really quite nerdy affair. But as ever more advanced rockets leave the launchpads of both companies, it’s certainly worth checking in on how their approaches, technology and funding differs. So today, we’re looking into the difference between SpaceX and Blue Origin.

The Difference Between SpaceX and Blue Origin, SpaceX vs Blue Origin: The Space Race Explained

  1. So when we start living on mars bezos will have to hire space x to deliver our amazon orders 😀

  2. Jeff’s idea is flawed. He wants to put people in a space hotel, something that doesn’t exist, therefor he has no product to make money off of. NASA is paying people to go to the moon and Mars, places that do exist. Unless he builds a space hotel, much less a rocket that can achieve orbit. He has no way for his company to make money.

  3. Bezos is a little douchebag.
    I think musk is an important part of progress in space in general and technology: no mattered in7 the guy's personal faults and behavior

  4. This is biased towards blue origin. And in reality, they aren't just slow, they are, in fact, at behind.

  5. I wish these two could get along and work their resources together, lmao
    I love Elon but I kinda like Bezos idea better..
    Mars is a very tough and distant place to live and we don't have the means to go there just yet, but expanding our civilization into space around our planet seems more approachable and mangeable to me at this giving time.

    Elon Musk: Hey Jeff, I have a new helmet
    Jeff Bezos: Can I borrow one so I can take pictures too?

  7. Difference:

    SpaceX is a real company that isn’t a joke, and they’re making groundbreaking endeavors; AND they put Americans back into space!!!

    Blue Origin is basically the knockoff version of SpaceX and they have yet to even get a rocket into orbit LOL.

  8. I’m 100% on the Elon train but you imagine if these 2 guys shared the same vision and decided to share resources?

  9. just two sociopaths.. it is one thing to marginally improve existing tech and call it a revolution, a completely different story would be sending people to an uninhabitable planet or build an artificial world in space. only dilettantes without sense of proportion and scale can believe that those 70s sci fi inspired ideas can be realized. at some point both of these idiots will be in the center of disasters where lives will be lost..

  10. Piss on Amazon and Jeff Bezos… Am I allowed to say that Amazon? Seeing you get to decide what people are allowed to say. I hope Blue Origin fails.

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