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As the next space race looms in the form of a race to the moon and beyond for private enterprise, two competitors have emerged and top contenders: SpaceX and Blue Origin. Both have advantages and disadvantages – but who will come out on top?

  1. Thanks for sharing. I had the opportunity to view a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I uploaded a pretty cool montage of the journey to my channel.

  2. Thank you for the video. I agree with the premise that both SpaceX and Blue Origin competition is good for space travel and exploration. I can see by your comments that you are not a big fan of SpaceX's 'wild west' way of development. However, either of these two company's are FAR better in development than is the slow, money wasting company NASA. I believe SpaceX will be on the moon and possibly Mars long before NASA as any meaningful presence on the moon. Just my random thoughts.

  3. Thank you for addressing a very important question. I think there is a win-win scenario here in the making. The best case scenario is where both SpaceX and Blue Origin succeed. For humans to really take advantage of the resources of our solar system we need hundreds of companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. The sooner we get away from the expensive legacy single-use rockets, like SLS, the better. We need cheap rapid reusability. I think SpaceX is leading the way here. My hope is that Blue Origin is eager to do the same thing.

  4. As fun as it is to go back and forth about who will come out on top of the apogee as it were, i'd rather that they consistently remain at a draw.

    Blue Origin may well catch up and prove a formidable competitor. But that's ALL they should be…especially SpaceX.

    It doesn't take much of a history lesson to show that monopolies don't do well for the consumer in ANY capacity, commercial spaceflight is no different.

    May they each enjoy a prosperous future in the super heavy lift market, but not take it over for everyone's sake.

    Yeah, boring i know….Deal With It :-/

  5. Excellent video and lots of good info on SpaceX vs. Blue Origin. BO is testing and learning everything on their New Shepherd so that when they fly New Glenn, they will have a very high probability of success. Bezos will bring a serious challenge to Musk as no one else can. Another paradigm shift is coming.

  6. Well, i'm afraid, or maybe happy, that this race will stay for like 20 years atleast. Only thing that must happen to make it run, is completing new Glenn. After that, it will be hard to predict winner

  7. An interesting contrast to the two companies, although IMHO a slightly disingenuous summary of the SpaceX strategy.

    Yes at times they can innovate at a ridiculously fast pace, especially with regards to broad design decisions.
    BUT when it comes to testing they are relentless. Just look at what they did with their Merlin engine for the Falcon9 – iteration after iteration, then tested the [email protected] out of it. End result, one of the best performing rockets available today. And they no doubt will be taking a similar approach with Starship.

    Personally I want BOTH companies to succeed, and think it a positive thing that they are taking very different approaches.

    But I can understand why the pace of SpaceX must scare the [email protected] out of many of NASA’s long time partners. However due to the glacial progress of the Artemis project, NASA must be hoping SpaceX can succeed with Starship asap. As it would certainly help get them out of their SLS hole. But they won’t want it to disrupt the current status quo of political relationships.

    Hopefully the competition between SpaceX and Blue Origin will provide a much needed shot in the arm for NASA’s future plans, and also make the likes of Boeing raise its game.
    Exciting times ahead…

  8. Although the careful approach by Blue Origin could mean more safety, I do really like SapceX's rapid development approach. They are pushing the margins to get other companies to push the margins and innovate too. Elon has said it himself. It's kinda similar to what he is doing with Tesla. So although SpaceX's approach isn't for everyone, I like it. I do agree with you however that Besos is sitting on a ton of money and will eventually overtake SpaceX in the space market and media coverage.

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