SpaceX v. Blue Origin – The History of the Lawsuits


Elon Tweeted that Bezos retired to take up suing him full time. Feels true enough, so let’s go through as many of the lawsuits as we can find and look at their merits.

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  1. ULA is playing dirty too, here are some Leaked emails. Robbie Sabathier, she is a piece of work too! @

  2. I've a feeling Cybertruck will be delayed again; reason being Biden's tax credit excluding vehicles > 40k, which I think is going to result in "Model 2" being rushed to production, using all the floor space at Giga Texas that Cybertruck would have got. Ironically, Model 2 will kill legacy autos dead in months, not years; so much for lobbying the government to exclude Tesla so much …
    As far as Bezos … What is he always smiling and pushing out his eye-balls about? Does he think everyone admires him or something?

  3. @18:00 Holy [expletive deleted] Dude… You got e-cred in spades. You owned a 2008 Zenn*Wow!!!
    @19:15 I believe that Besos will probably launch O'Neill Cylinders to Earth orbit and spend his life scraping the planet, until they jettison his carcass in a retrograde orbit into the Sun. And when the Sun goes all SuperGiant on us, it'll surely bow torch those cylinders into their constituent atoms. Sad but probably true.

  4. I am happy that BO is changing their approach for the second stage. Hopefully this will change Mr Bezos idea on development practices.

  5. Why would you be nervous about the Starship/Superheavy orbital launch? This is just the first prototype of the orbital class Starship, and absolutely expected to RUD at some point.

    Going to go through the same iterative process as the suborbital launches, with some RUDs as they prove out design, engineering, and build quality/tech.

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