SpaceX Super Heavy BN3 To Go For A 150m Hop Test?


SpaceX planned to use Starship SN20 and Super Heavy BN3 for their first orbital flight test. However, with no real life flight data for Super Heavy, using BN3 directly for a orbital flight test can obviously be risky. So, SpaceX has now updated the Super Heavy test campaign.

Now, Super Heavy BN3 will be rolled out to the suborbital launch pad and will undergo ground tests. The next booster, Super Heavy BN4 will now go with Starship SN20 for the inaugural orbital flight attempt.

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0:00 Intro
0:56 BN3’s previous test plans
1:15 Change of plan for BN3
1:48 Real reason why BN1 was scrapped
3:37 Why BN2 was never completed?
4:48 Why was BN2.1 required?
5:02 Risks with BN3’s previous flight plans
6:10 The current state of BN3
7:15 BN3 to attempt a 150m hop?
7:52 Starship’s orbital test timeline

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Credits : SpaceX, LabPadre, C-Bass Productions, Brendan Lewis, Lucky Lucas

  1. If I was Elon, I'd be stressed like x100000000ooo….. Cos if you miss the Earth & Mars window, that's another 2 years of life gone.. and paying extra $100000000… waiting…

  2. SpaceX or Elon havnt mentioned hop tests for Superheavy so you cant really say it was planned to hop. Plan was send SH straight to orbit

  3. Spacex may not hop test BN3, because it needs new leg design for one time use and they may not want to risk any damage to the new infrastructure being built in case of an explosion

  4. Agree BN3 (Elon makes a little typo and the everyone gets name confused for a month) should do static fire and hop or two, initially with the 9 centre engines before progressing to the 29. Then a hop with SN15/16 on top, before attempting orbit with BN4 & SN20

  5. Hey there, couldn't help but notice you used my render in the thumbnail. However, I don't think you asked if you could use it? If you want to use my render, at least ask or give credit (or both!)

  6. Good video, I’ve been a subscriber. Thx for the hard work and I don’t think people realize how much work putting something like this together.
    A Couple Thing…
    Elon is like PT Barnum. Not in the sucker born every minute way, but in the publicity way. He likes to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. From SN15 reflying to SN16 going hypersonic to speculation of a 150 meter hop keep people glued to their devices to find out what he’s doing next. He keeps feeding out just enough tidbits of information to keep attention on him. This is all to keep people enthralled with Starbase and his plans for the future while there is a lull in development work as they build a spaceport and the booster to get them to it.

    Nice attempt with the “light of day” joke but you need to slow down and change your inflection when you are doing it. Your voice almost becomes rhythmic and hypnotic so slow down and enjoy delivering the joke lines and add that pause at the end so people have time to absorb what was said.

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