SpaceX Starship’s 2nd Super Heavy booster enters production | Oil Rigs for Floating Spaceports!


SpaceX Starship’s 2nd Super Heavy booster enters production | Oil Rigs for Floating Spaceports!


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Voiceover by Scott Leffler — .

  1. Is this supposed to be equipped with the rocket at the shore and then dragged onto the sea for launch? Or would the rocket be brought to the anchored platform? Thanks!

  2. Falcon 9 launches are regularly postponed because of weather. Yet the suborbital point-to-point Starship launches won’t be? What about the amount of fuel per passenger? It’s liquefied methane and LOX rather than jet fuel, but it takes power to liquefy those, and though methane burns producing more water and less CO2 than jet fuel, the carbon footprint per passenger will be vastly higher than for an ordinary jet plane, because so much methane must be burned. Then there’s safety…

    Hardly anyone on line brings up these problems. Thunderf00t recently did, in his usual long-winded way, but it’s almost entirely a chorus of True Believers who have not the least skepticism. SpaceX should stick with satellite Internet service as their cash cow, and let the new batch of SSTs provide somewhat slower travel for the very wealthy.

  3. Anybody feel that everybody and their mother launching "earth observation" aka Spy Satellites into orbit might infringe on our right to privacy?

  4. The next problem is to get the SH launchers from Boca Chica to the floating spaceports, and back, e.g. when they need to be scrapped. The build site is some miles from the canal where barges can dock, and closing public roads for days in order to transport them is unacceptable. I think SpaceX will need to build a private road or canal for better access. I don't like the idea of hopping them even though only a few of the Raptor engines will suffice as SH will be almost empty.

  5. Very informative video. The SpaceX vehicles you described as “prototypes” should more correctly be called test vehicles. The Starship system ( Starship + SH Booster) development is correctly in the POC (Proof of Concept) stage. In this stage, concepts needed for the successful completion of the Starship system are tested and, hopefully, proven by multiple tests and design improvements. Then you will have a “prototype” vehicle ready for its first prototype test.

    An analogy would the prototypes used in SpaceX’s Crew Demo 1(unmanned) and Demo2 (manned) missions. Those were essentially “production” vehicles but needed those two demonstration tests before NASA certified the system for crew transport for ISS. The current Crew1 mission is the first commercial crew mission with a full compliment (4) of astronauts as opposed to Crew Demo2 with 2 astronauts.

    I’m as excited as anyone to see the Starship system get to the prototype stage but before that there’ll be a lot of POC testing done with test vehicles.

  6. the price for the rigs seems amazingly small – but then i guess it would have cost that and more for the owners to decommission and scrap them

  7. I wonder how much time will be added to travelling via Starship if launching from sea-based launch sites. Might become an issue for earth to earth passenger travel, if the whole reason is to cut down time to travel between continents.

  8. Should Elon Musk acquire two more oil rigs to use for floating spaceports, he should name them Denderon and Vashna. Should he feel the need to acquire another two, he should name them Thuria and Cluros. That would be fitting salute to the romance of space that has always inspired space exploration.

  9. Awesome, I love how the change in ownership went from a oil rig that was given no original name to being called Phobos & Deimos. Really cool !❤️

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