SpaceX Starship Updates! SN8 15km Flight Very Soon, SN8 Static Fire Imminent! TheSpaceXShow


Welcome to the latest SpaceX Starship updates video from TheSpaceXFans. There’s a bunch of updates to begin this video with a variety of standard SpaceX information. Then, like usual, we will check out what’s been happening in terms of infrastructure and Starship updates. We also have some incredibly exciting news with a TFR posted confirming that we can hopefully expect the SN8 15km flight very soon. Before that flight happens though, we have another SN8 static fire imminent! Sit back and enjoy!

All sorts of cool and up to date SpaceX info from launches to boosters and more:

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What Hardware/Software Does SpaceX Use To Power Its Rockets?

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  1. Look,it's a can with wings. It should fly like anything else. They flew it with out the nose cone so it should fly with the nose cone. Stick some fins on the bottom and it should fly. So to me it is a bird of a different color and nothing more.

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  4. "LabVIEW is commonly used for data acquisition, instrument control, and industrial automation on a variety of operating systems (OSs), including Microsoft Windows, various versions of Unix, Linux, and macOS." Source: Wikipedia.

  5. I just hope that one day seeing two or more Starships at the site would be just normal. As well as them flying. Imagine hearing a bursting sound and saying to your friends: Yeah, just another one passed by. So gorgeous.

  6. Please just film yourself instead of using a badly animated cartoon character in a SpaceX suit that does the speech. I feel embarrassed watching this on the train ?

  7. go Elon go you are a great source of dynamic go power this world needs, we don't need week, sick leadership that pushes for unruley mobs and government that pushes for gifts for unearning people. people that unwilling to earn for perceive greatness.

  8. What I don't like about this channel is that some other group is trying to impinge on the "TheSpaceXFans" name. I think that infringes on his rights and makes things confusing when I look at the suggestions on the side. If they want to make a channel, make the name completely different from this one. I don't care what their content is and I always report them when they pop up. BTW, I do like this channel and I may someday like the caricature:-)

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