SpaceX Starship update: SpaceX shift their all focus to Orbital Launch Pad


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Hello Friends, Welcome to Engineering today and we’re back with some latest space updates. Firstly we will talk about SpaceX nearing the climax of building Starship’s launch tower. Secondly, a look back on SpaceX’s retired fairing recovery fleet. Thirdly, a quick glance on upcoming Polar Starlink launch. Lastly, we will talk about SpaceX and ULA to launch the future satellites for the Space Development Agency.


RGV Aerial Photography:
Cosmic Perspective:
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Voiceover by Scott Leffler —

  1. Hmm, looks like Reagan’s Star Wars might actually become a reality since spaceX can certainly launch it at a somewhat reasonable level which is a slightly scary thought when the next president in the 2030’s will have the ability to preemptively nuke another nuclear power without fear of MAD since Star Wars will intercept any ICBM

  2. I am very very disappointed that you succumb to the O'Malley commercial??????
    There are a group of five of us that donated every month two you and other channels like yours..

  3. If you’re tempted to compare musk with Zephram Cochran’s from Star Trek., you it can’t.

    Musk leaves Roddenberry’s fictional character safely back where fictional characters belong who no longer serve any purpose whatsoecer in the trash bin of fanciful fake television.

    Bye Zeph.

  4. Hey there Engineering today! If you have 99% + viewership that is U.S, Liberia and Myanmar exclusively I understand the use of imperial system. Otherwise, the metric measurment is used by default by your viewers. Just a a thought.

  5. I can't stand your voice ! I think that it even might be a computer that voice you are using, please choose another. It sounds so smug and has a modulating semi screechy quality to it that becomes toxic to me in around 20 seconds after which I must turn you off as it is painful to hear. Sorry but if it bothers me I'm sure it'll bother others.

  6. I would use a mountain and bore a hole down it. Then rather than all that trust and extra weight to lift it from static to moving i would use a carriage inside the mountain to accelerate it to 200 mph engines on. The carriage just runs out past the EMF and gravity slows it in the rails inside the mountain and it comes back down on a skirt and a cussion of air trapped inside the mountain. Say goodbye to thousands of pounds of rocket and fuel. Also your at 6 or 7 thousand feet allready

  7. Need 150 medium small/sats delivered in 2024? StarShip will exist then, even if not reusable at all yet. Putting all your eggs in one basket would be risky, so maybe you tell SpaceX to only send 50 at a time, to be on the safe side.

  8. This is more about the commercial that I saw as soon as I clicked on this video rather than anything actually in the video. If Richard Branson's offer to take someone to "space" for free is only a one time offer, then why is it offered every time that I click on a video? It is supposed to be a one time offer rather than a 100+ time offer, right?

  9. What dark, smelly part of your anatomy are pulling the tower heights from? Up to segment 8, it was about 450'. With Segment 9 it is now 469'; the 10' lightning rod will take it to 479'.

  10. Hey, I really love your Videos. One thing, is it possible to add metric units if you talk about measurements? I appreciate your work, but additional metric units would make some things more clear for your european fans. Greetings from Germany and keep up your nice work! Have a nice day!

  11. I have a question,
    Why does the Military need to deploy its own LEO communication satellite constellation when it would be much more efficient and cost effective for them to use Starlink?

  12. I really dont understand the construction of a catch tower, why not go with something proven as in landing directly onto a pad. God knows the pricing of a catch tower and manning to assemble, fabricate, and construct. To me its just an additional attempt to damage a well built booster…just a thought

  13. Drinking game: have a shot every time he says "mechazilla." Dead in less than 2 mins. Also, what's up with the long pause at the beginning of the video after the intro on every video? It always makes me think my computer froze or something it's so long. Furthermore, "update 2" wasn't an update but only a review of how SpaceX retired those boats months ago with no new additional information except that it has been 3 months. WTF??? Needed to get past 10 minutes huh?

  14. I'm sure it has luxury accommodations down below after all he's among the super-rich brat from South Africa, while other white South Africans live side by side with the rest of the population there, I recall a BBC news coverage about that sad.

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