SpaceX Starship Update: From Texas to Hawaii– SpaceX reveals first orbital Starship flight plan


From Texas to Hawaii: SpaceX outlines plans for Starship orbital test flight
Starship rocket is SpaceX’s one of the most ambitious projects as one day it will take humans to mars. SpaceX laid out plans for the starship’s first orbital test flight. As per that plan, SpaceX’s reusable stainless steel starship will launch from SpaceX’s South Texas facility and fly for 90 minutes around the world. Eventually the starship will conduct a controlled re-entry and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii.

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  1. The rich have destroyed the planet so they are using their wealth that they have made from us to get off it as quickly as possible…………. because the government is taking too long………….. and the people are all excited………… they say a fool and he's money are soon parted…………. idiots and their planet are soon parted with as well……….. but not in the sense of leaving, but in the sense of total destruction through overpopulation, just so that few can live in a lap of luxury and they are now making for the stars leaving you lot behind………….

  2. I'm really excited to see SN20 LEAVE FROM TEXAS STAR BASE to Hawaii! It'll be a faster flight than the last one I had to Hawaii just over 20 years ago. It was supposed to take 11 hours straight flight from Toronto but it turned out after a few hours at the back of the plane I came back to my wing window seat and was looking down at what I thought was the Rocky mountains because we were at 35,000 ft above sea level or so I thought. It turned out when I looked straight ahead I seen one of the Rocky mountains right in front of us and the highest Rocky mountain is just 26,000 ft. To be sure that the pilot was aware of our circumstances I spoke to the stewardess and suggested she asked him if he knows there's a mountain right in front of us cuz of the last I heard we were at 35,000 ft. A few minutes later the pilot came on the speaker and suggested there was no need for alarm we will just be making an emergency landing in Vancouver airport. After just clearing the top of the mountain peak we started descending instantly at sunset. As you can imagine when you're descending down $26,000 ft at sunset it gets dark quick. After just clearing the treetops looking forward after a few minutes we found ourselves coming up on a well-lit area. Then I seen the runway straight in front of us and as we touch down there were a bunch of emergency vehicles waiting for us. You can imagine my surprise when a fire truck came up on my wing window side and started spraying down the wing. I don't think there was a fire but it turned out big white chunks were coming off of our wing of ice! Our defrosters stopped working. I'm glad the pilot decided to stop in Vancouver because it might have been a little difficult to try to make it across the Pacific or turn back around. After waiting on the airport runway for more than an hour we continued flight. I met someone sitting opposite of me wing window seat and her name was Angel. We sat together and talked for the rest of the flight until we landed about 11 hours later. What I'm saying in any kind of flight it's okay to have an angel on your shoulder. Godspeed SN20 and have a safe flight! I'm sure you will have an angel on your shoulder! For those of you who would like to comment please do! I appreciate all of you and your comments. This is the time and we are the people, that will change the world!
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  3. I don’t see the point in throwing everything in the ocean. They should at least attempt to recover it without tossing it into a salty death.

  4. Americans will not accept this as an orbital flight unless it goes around the earth at least once. If this is what you're going to do, fine. Call it an extended suborbital flight.

  5. Their certainly coming along rapidly. I do hope their careful about skipping the refurbishment. I imagine this going to be ongoing test see how long it goes without sign of trouble. I rather see them not wait for it to fail vs them break down and rebuild of the booster make sure it keeps going.

  6. If they Finnish that starship elevator ASAP they would be able to do what ever they want I think since sn15 landed they want to stack a starship on a super heavy it’s going to be cool to see it all come together

  7. Starship needs bigger/longer legs to land on the Moon. The ground on the Moon is not all level & if it touches down in a small crater of which there are many, it will tip over & Astronauts will be marooned on the Moon forever.!!

  8. All the best to SpaceX, E.T and please be optimistic with the orbital launch this summer, Im hopeful they can reuse the boosters for more than 10 launches, thanks for another great video you uploaded ET please continue to do so. 🙂

  9. There was a time when anyone would fly first stage once and celebrate.
    We are now flying the same one 10 times and we want more.
    There's no such thing as "Final" frontier. We always can go further!
    To Mars and beyond !

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