SpaceX Starship Update: Elon Musk reveals Starbase upgrade plans


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Hello Friends, Welcome to Engineering Today and hope you are having a good time. Today we will start with Elon Musk’s upcoming upgrade plans regarding Starbase, followed by the Europa Clipper mission with SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy and at the end, an update on Viasat’s attempt to halt Starlink launches.



Voiceover by Scott Leffler —

  1. SpaceX probably won't build something similar to the VAB. It would require tons of money, just to stack a full starship system when it can be transported in two pieces more efficiently.
    Also, SpaceX is sending many of its employees from other locations such as California and Florida to work on getting Starship to launch by get this: August 5. Very unlikely, but it should definitely help speed things up.

  2. For Europa Clipper you mentioned "an expendable Falcon Heavy Rocket?" That's almost non-sequitur. Do mean to say that the launch trajectory and or propellant consumption will preclude recovery of the boosters? I do realize the payload is 6 tons.

  3. Oh dear yet more vapour-ware. How do people keep swallowing this bilge. Starlink – doomed to fail. Electric semis – failed, solar roof tiles – failed, hyperloop – failed, self drive taxis – failed, super fast tunnels – failed. flying cars – failed, electric planes, failed, cold gas jets – failed, unbreakable pickup – failed. And these are just the ones I can remember.

  4. SpaceX is so far ahead of NASA that I'm starting to think NASA isn't just bureaucratically inept. I hate the conspiracy theorists who say the US Space Force was indeed created after the Roswell crash in 1947 and NASA was created in 1958 as a cover program since it would mean NASA has been lying to us all along, pretending they were trying to give the public access to space while their real mission was to prevent the general public from having access to space. But gosh, what else could possibly explain NASA's ineptness unless it's deliberate? SLS, James Webb Space Telescope, Europa Clipper… what else would explain these delays?

  5. Thank GOD ? for Elon. We are explorer's by nature. It's time to travel the universe!! I know I'll never see it myself, but let's hope future generations find human beings a new home. I'm so excited!!

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