SpaceX Starship to Mars: Why Mars? Why are we not going for other planets first? Details analysis


SpaceX Starship to Mars: Why Mars? Why are we not going for other planets first? Details analysis

Hello Friends, Welcome back to Engineering Today and hope you all are doing great. Today we will talk about some interesting stuff regarding Mars colonization and how it paves the way for multi-planetary life. So welcome to our Project Mars.


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  1. I have some friends that are mad at “the billionaires” for wanting to colonize Mars. They think that it’s cause they don’t wanna live here and pay taxes.

  2. Some may say terraforming Mars is a waste of resources and those resources would be better spent building habitats in space. If you think about it with efficient engine tech for deep space use and getting away from strong gravity wells with atmospheres at the bottom, the solar system has all of the raw materials found on Earth. It is just if you don't have to use highly inefficient rockets to get to those resources, but instead some much more efficient way to get around like nuclear power and ion drives, those other resources in lower gravity parts of the solar system become a lot more accessible.

  3. Things like O’Neill Cylinders will be much better for large scale colonies off of the Earth than Mars or any other planet ever will be.

  4. Great episode as usual! It would be very intresting to see this decade the firtst setlers servive on mars. Olso good to know that the proces of terreforming is not going to take centuries. So we might see a start in 2 decades on engineering today. Man U gotta love human kind curious ambition. ??

  5. With radiation hitting Mars, nthe carbon dioxide should have broken down to carbon monoxide. If life exists on Mars, that would explain why we still have Carbon dioxide. This could be used as a way to produce extra carbon dioxide for plants, and to create fuel.

  6. One of the first Steps would be to send robots and perhaps s nuclear reactor to mars. Let the robots produce bricks with the help of nuclear heat and let Them fork for a few years to create a stockpile of bricks to build with 🙂

  7. It is interesting how ignorant we are. We've not found life on Mars, but it could exist deep underground where its warmer and wetter. But we don't even know if life from earth can function on Mars.
    We ASSUME chemistry is universal, so biological activity should work the same anywhere, as long as you provide the nutrients, water, heat, and light as exists on earth, it SHOULD grow the same anywhere. Only gravity would be different, and radiation perhaps. But life on earth exists in a "biosphere", surrounded by billions of other organisms all working together in a closed system. And we don't know what affect LIFE has on life. So for all we know, there's a "life field" on earth that has some collective effect on individual species on earth, and this imaginative "Gaia" field might CHANGE how biochemistry works, so life may not grow on Mars, or the moon, or in space, like it can on earth, EVEN if we provide all the known inputs. Humans SURVIVED on the moon for a week, or in LEO for a year, and we've grown plants on the ISS, but that might still be inside the "Gaia" field.

    I'd say 99% that laws of life are universal, and don't require a collective field, but we don't know until we try growing a greenhouse on Mars and seeing if plants really can germinate on Mars and grow as expected, like Musk wanted originally to inspire humanity. Why not send a greenhouse NOW, and let robots tend the garden and see what happens.

    And if that experiment seems to support life on Mars, then we're left with the physical Gaia effects, that life on earth evolved as a complex interdependent system, and so is self-sustaining entirely on solar (and geothermal) power, while anything we do on Mars will likely require more artificial energy inputs. And we know from the Arizona "Biosphere 2" experiments, it is really hard to try to create a closed biological system, allow plants to produce the oxygen, allow microbes to break down and recycle organic materials, and clean the water. We won't even try that, but we SHOULD. You don't want a Mars base that requires constant shipments from earth to avoid death of the "colonists".

    You can read AC Clarke's "Sands of Mars" to see what a colony really might look like, and the "Politics" of vulnerability to disruptions, if earth stops sending supplies. I can see people going and living on Mars, but they have to be extraordinary people, people willing to sacrifice their own lives (and comfort) for the whole, and not be neurotic or have mental illness making them go "postal" when stress and crisis comes.

  8. One thing people seem to be forgetting is once spacex start the process of coloniesing mars, governments and other companies will play a roll even if forcing their way in to have a say what these colonies will look like and not let spacex control the whole thing

  9. A human colony in Mars is near a "pipe dream", due to the economical costs to maintain it, too much dependent of supplies coming from Earth, and concerns with mental health to the average colonist. Now a Scientific Research Base, with the presence of a team, that's actually very likely to happen.

  10. Back in the 1970's NASA told we the people we would be on Mars in 20 years. They failed us. 50 years they plundered resources and never anything towards that objective.

    Growing up there was maybe one launch a year or so. Hell these days there is a launch about twice a month by someone. I seen the first man in space. On the Moon. I need a man on Mars before my soon coming END GAME. Step it up guys! Here I am dying of lung failure and NADA ? Get me a damn Man on Mars people. That's all I ask.

  11. When (not if) they find evidence of past microbial life, this should be exploited at a dna/rna level to encourage the growth of Mars type vegetation suitable for human consumption -this is not beyond the realms of current biological genesis. The tech is already here .

  12. First, we need a moon base. It’s an excellent place to stage from to get to Mars. Also, it’s an ideal place to build and test nuclear rockets, as well having a small escape velocity.

  13. It feels like your script looks like this "shsfjkashdjk ASTRONAUTS mlslnadajksd MARS! kdjlsdkljhdkashdh OUR WORLD"
    For some reason your pronounciations sound extremely fake and off. Could just be me, but this is extremely unsettling and unenjoyable

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